Wordless Wednesday

“Mom, I want a Big Dick!!” There is a plea you don’t hear everyday.
How can wooden bullets NOT hurt?
Oh, yes this would be a fun toy to play with inside and outside.
“Get Big Dick and be the envied by every boy in town”
When I first saw this I thought it was a joke for Viagra or something.
Nope, it was a real ad.
I’m guessing from the outfit, “the front” is WWI


Ad Found at Ice Tea and Sarcasm


  1. Mommy , mommy can I play with my Big Dick? Lol! Great name for a toy.

  2. Lol! Mom I want a Big Dick, what a terrifying request to hear from a small boy. Great ad, where did you find this?

  3. Michele says:

    The mag ran through 1933 so you guess of WWI. I can’t imagine this as an ad now days!! lol

  4. A free Big Dick? How can one resist? lol xoxo

  5. Cathy W says:

    I asked Mr. Cathy. He says he never wanted one when he was a kid. Hhmm. :-)

  6. OMG. Man there were some awesome adds back then, and you’re good at finding them!

  7. LOL now that’s hirlarious but it seems to apply today. Boys and their toys.

  8. Indoor toy??? What the heck??? I hardly think that my house would be able to handle this!!! Oh my my my….I just can’t imagine. Bernie–you never disappoint! Thank you for a morning chuckle….

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