Wordless Wednesday

Who colors their sauerkraut?
You have to wonder who came up with that idea?
“Hey, lets pimp dying sauerkraut! That should make it fly off the shelves”
Of all the foods to dye, why this one?

Now you all have an idea of what to serve on the 4th of July.
Your Welcome.


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  1. Alice Lionel says:

    Why is it colored? looks like terrible! I love sauerkraut too but when I see this it makes me dizzy.

  2. Michele says:

    I love sauerkraut but I have no idea in the world why you would dye it, its white, why is that a proble for these folks? Maybe because they are buying a brand I have never heard of? ;)

  3. Eeewwwwah.

  4. I think my German ancestors are turning over in their graves. Honestly. Dye sauerkraut?

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