Getting There is Half the Fun!

I was all ready to fly out on Thursday. Jenny was going to meet me at the hotel. I had left notes all over the house for Mr. Bernie. My sleep machine and clothes had been shipped to the hotel. All I needed to do was get on the plane and go. I wanted to arrive at the airport a couple of hours early. Sometimes that screening can take FOREVER. I didn’t want to miss my flight. While I was digging in my bag I the first, of several notes, Mr. Bernie left in my bag. All together, “Awwwwww”

When I got on the plane I had my Kindle and headphones ready. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Just wanted to be in my own little world and not think. That didn’t happen. I was sitting next to a nice gentleman who was in his late 50′s-early 60′s. We exchanged the usual chit-chat and I thought we were done. Nope, he was happy to chat. I suppose its my fault for even talking to him in the first place. I’m good at collecting the life stories of people I will never see again.

He was quite knowledgeable about Salt Lake City, he used to work for the Visitor’s Center. He was also a Mormon. I know this because that is all we talked about the whole 1 hour and 20 minute flight. The most interesting thing from the conversation was about the city’s grid system.  The Temple streets were all based off a corner of the Temple. That was interesting. He used to be a Bishop in his church. He explained quite a bit about the church and their beliefs and missions and his family and I could go on.  I didn’t realize that when they went on their Missions, they had to go in pairs, ALL the time. I was thinking that wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t like your mission partner. I always thought that The Book f Mormon was the only book they used. They also use the Bible. That was interesting. The whole thing was a good learning experience, just not how I expected my flight to go. It was a pleasant way to pass the time.

As we were landing, he said something that was interesting. “I had things to do on this flight. However, I felt called to talk to you about all of this. When I get to Heaven, I don’t want to be questioned about not teaching when I had an opportunity.”  He then offered to give me a ride to my hotel. That was surprising. I think that even by-passes Minnesota nice.  I thanked him and refused. I would be happy to wait for my shuttle. (Later that night I mentioned my plane ride on Facebook. My new friend, Veronica, reminded me that all my new friends from the BL Casting wall were Mormons. Who knew? )

When I got to the hotel, Jenny was already there waiting for me. It was so wonderful to see her! The last time we were together was last September when we went to Chicago. We ordered in pizza and got to visiting. We tried to make a game plan for where we wanted to go on Friday.  We were just so happy to visit with each other in the same room, that we decided to put our tourist planning on hold. Play it by ear was going to be our motto.

Tomorrow I will share how well, “playing it by ear” went.



  1. I agree with Audrey, I don’t take rides or candy from strangers. ;-) I can’t wait to hear about playing it by ear since you know that is soooooo not me, I think I would burst a blood vessel!

    • Oh, we talked about that when we were just wandering around. How you would not be impressed at all. *lol*

  2. I cannot imagine you sitting silently next to anyone. That is not your nature. You were a wise woman to turn down that offer of a ride to your hotel. You just never know…

    • Thank you. He seemed nice, but still…… I think if I had not asked him anything, it wouldn’t have been all chit chat on the plane. I need to learn how to stop doing that. *lol*

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