How Much Weight Can a Jetta Take?

This is what 3 big girls look like in the back of a Jetta.
Me, Sarah, and Jenny

Friday is always a good day to post funny things. I will skip towards the end of my trip to giver everyone something to laugh about. On Monday, I’ll go back to the start of the trip.  This blog is like my thought process, scattered all over the place.

Our new friend, Sarah, offered to pick Jenny and me up on Sunday to do some site-seeing. She thought that we might like to go see other than  SLC The thought of getting out-of-town was wonderful! Sarah told us that Park City is where the Sundance Film Festival is held, a shopping outlet and a trip to the Utah Olympic Park. Oh, fun!! Most of the trip was all of us laughing and teasing each other. Strangers would think we had been friends for years.

After running around for the day it was time to had back to SLC. We stopped at a gas station to get gas. Everything is going GREAT!! The car is full of gas, we are all piled back in the car, Sarah goes to start the car and NOTHING! She tries to start it again and again and nothing. She decides to wait a minute to try again so we don’t flood the car. We were all just hoping it was a glitch and would start again. It didn’t. Oh, no! What to do?   I started to silently curse myself for reading while an ex boyfriend was working on cars. Why didn’t I pay attention?? Oh, Why?

One of us came up with the idea to pop her hood and all stare at the engine. We were hoping that some one would see 4 girls staring at an engine with blank looks and offer to help. We got lucky and a nice guy from CO noticed, and came over. (It’s not like we would be hard to notice, none of us are tiny girls and having the herd of us huddled around the engine would be hard to miss) He jiggled a couple of wires, had Sarah try to start the car, went to his truck to get some tester thing, called a friend of his on the phone and kept tinkers. He had two kids in his truck who were getting antsy. It was so nice of him to stop and spend so much time on the car. His shorts kind of fell down a bit and I could see the Calvin Klein name around the waist band. I nodded to Carol and nodded to the guy’s shorts. She just smiled and turned away. (I had to have fun with this) Finally, his friend on the phone, decided it might be her fuel filter. Oh, Boy! On a Sunday a car part goes out. We are doomed!

After he left, Carol and I were standing by the car. She said to me, “Look Bernie, its Bill Engvall!” I squinted at him and told her, “Nah, the jaw isn’t right.” She kept insisting. “Yes, its him! Go over and say something. Go on. Do it.” I kept telling her it was not him and I’m not going to say anything to him.  We kept this up until his gas tank was full and he was gone.

Sarah was able to call her friend, Ivonne, to help pick us up. It’s a 30 minute drive to come get us. (More about Ivonne in another post) Yea, Ivonne was going to pick us up! Her car had died that same day, so she was going to borrow her nephew’s Jetta to come get us. I had no idea what a Jetta was. I didn’t know if it was a big car or a little car.

While we waiting for Ivonne, we had to move the car away from the gas pump.  We put Jenny in the driver’s side to steer. Sarah, Carol and I all pushed from the back. We got a pretty good head of steam going. Laughing the entire time. Jenny overshot the parking space and we had to heave ho again. The fact that none of us wet our pants from laughing is a miracle.

Finally, Ivonne, our hero, arrives. When I saw the car she pulled up in, my jaw dropped. I was trying to do the math how we would all squeeze in there. I’m awful at math, so that didn’t go well. Ivonne said a lovely little prayer and we tried to start the car one more time. Nothing. That means its time for us to stuff in this car. Which meant that Jenny, Sarah and I were all going to get to know each other a wee bit better.

We put Sarah in the middle of the back seat. She is a tiny bit shorter than me. When we got in the back we had to practically lay across Sarah so we could get our doors shut.  All of our fat rolls and elbows were meshing together nicely. I called Sarah my breast friend, due to our boobs mingling in the back seat. We are ready to go and as Ivonne drives out of the gas station we heard a loud scccccrrrraaaaaappppppeeeeee. The combined weight in the back made the wheel wells touch the tires. Every time we turned a corner or hit a bump it made that scrape sound. Oh my God were all going to die! I would cringe when I heard that scraping sound. We heard it A LOT!  Thankfully, we all kept our sense of humor and laughed about it. We were joking that the tires would pop. If we all had to get out it would look like a bunch of clowns getting out of the car and so on.

Ivonne, dropped us off safely at our hotel. There were lot of hugs and thank you’s all around. We loved getting out-of-town and the fact the car broke down, made it even funnier. It’s not everyday you get into a car with people you don’t know well and get stranded for a short bit.



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  2. You bring tears of laughter to my eyes. I will be sharing this one. Thanks, Bernie!

  3. LMAO. Now THAT was a worthy Friday afternoon story. Glad you all got back safely and THANK you for the giggles :)

  4. So like you to put the positive spin on a difficult situation. FYI, my husband, the automotive machinist, would have come to your rescue. You don’t know how many times he’s assisted motorists in similar situations. Many. He’s such a great guy.

    • I think it would have been a bit of a drive for him. *lol* But of course he’s a great guy, he’s married to you!

  5. I don’t care how many times I hear this story from you or Jen, it makes me laugh!! I am glad you had a fun day regardless of what went wrong. :)

    • You would think it would be more awkward, since we didn’t know each other well. It wasn’t at all.

  6. Oh Bernie—only you could make a potentially horrible experience into a blog post that makes us all giggle. I am sure you guys had a lot of laughs and made a lot of memories!

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