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While I was in SLC, Mr. Bernie updated my blog. I didn’t have the latest and greatest version of WordPress. He also updated a whole bunch of other stuff I don’t understand. Yea! However, after last week’s Wordless Wednesday post I broke my blog. When I tried to type, it wouldn’t show up. The Fancy Nancy visual editor didn’t show up. Which meant I could add links, change font, align and so on.  Arrrrgggg!!

I finally actually had interesting things to share with you guys and I couldn’t. I finally had a blog post that was actually going to be fun and interesting and my hands were tied. After abusing my blog by not posting, I really wanted to post! Its kind of like not being able to do laundry because your washing machine is broken. You may have not done laundry for weeks, but because you can’t, you really want to!

After whining, asking Mr. Bernie to fix me, he finally worked on it last night. I was out running around helping to pick up some puppies from the reservation. When I got home, Mr. Bernie made it seem as if he didn’t know if he could fix my blog. My heart sank! My blog address didn’t go anywhere. When he got it back up it was with a different theme. I was devastated at the thought of losing everything from November 2010 to now. I didn’t want to loose my bag lady blog header. I was pretty upset to say the least.

Later that night, Mr. Bernie told me to check my blog. Everything was there!! Yippee!! He took me down from the bare bones and built me back up. There are still a couple things he needs to tweek. For example, my sidebars are not as wide as they once were. He said he can fix those. I’m content to badger him about it later. For now I can post and I don’t care if I look a little wonky. My husband, The Blog Whisperer!

That means, I can torture, entertain you with Wordless Wednesday posts and actually writing! Who know that a blog could be used for more than just posting weird vintage ads? For a while I forgot that I could actually write things too.

After Wednesday, I will keep sharing adventure to SLC for The Biggest Loser. I can’t wait to tell you all about the fun.

Thanks for sticking by my blog during my little outage and my lack of posts.



  1. Yeah. Hurray. A thousand cheers for Mr. Bernie. And here’s to you returning to the bloggy world. I’ve missed you.

  2. I can’t wait to read more!

  3. YAY. Mr. Bernie sounds lovely. Just like my Papi. Glad you’re back, Bernie, I can live with the sidebar…for now ;) Can’t wait to hear more about SLC. Cheers!

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