Wordless Wednesday

Who knew you only had to wear rubber and lose weight?
Maybe the people with a rubber fetish are on to something?
Can you imagine how smelly people were wearing these? *shudder*
“worn by the Royalty of Europe and the Society of America”
Which Royalty and Society?
I’m surprised they don’t have endorsements from those folks.

If you put medicated in a title, it will sell like hotcakes!
Would any of you wear this?



  1. Errr, pardon?? No wonder ladies were passing out left, right and centre!

  2. i totally want the chin one……I mean it is sexy!!!! Puts a whole other meaning to 50 Shades, don’ t you think??? :-)

  3. I am wondering if this is why there were so few women Dr.’s. I can just picture her trying to sell these. I bet you lost weight just by taking the 4 hours it took to squeeze everything into the suit. ;)

    • If it takes 4 hours, then a good part of your day is done. You can nap and don’t have to worry about lunch.

  4. Not for a minute. I can’t imange the smell you woud emit. I guess it works by sweating the fat away. Not very pleasent.

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