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When I decided to do the casting call for The Biggest Loser, I didn’t announce it on my Facebook page. I wasn’t going to blog about it. I told a select few on a need to know basis. This was something I was doing for me.  In some ways I wanted to keep it private. I didn’t want to answer questions about it. I didn’t really want to explain anything. I just wanted to go try out and see what happens.

I stumbled on, The Biggest Loser Casting Facebook page, while I was poking about all things Biggest Loser. I lurked on the page for a bit. People would ask questions about the casting process, people would share their videos and and general chat about being heavy and so on. The one thing that really struck me was how friendly most people were. The same question could be asked again and again, but someone was always willing to help out. They were all being so encouraging. There were the odd posts of, “pick me! pick my friend!” I just overlooked those. I don’t think that the casting directors were really checking their page to see who wanted to be picked for the show. We all wanted to be picked or we wouldn’t be on there.

Over time I found myself looking forward to posts from certain folks. Katie was always quick to answer a question and in the nicest of ways. I finally had to send her a note and tell her how much I looked forward to her posts. She was always so upbeat and seemed really friendly. She was my first Facebook friend, via the board. Then I acquired Veronica, who was always friendly and upbeat as well. (She was going to be in SLC the same time as me, we even decided to go to the casting call together) Antonio and Timothy were also going to the SLC casting call. They had great and encouraging posts as well. I picked them up for my Biggest Loser support network as well. It got to the point that we were all answering questions at the same time. We all “liked” up the same posts and so on and so forth. If one of us posted, the rest were sure to find. We picked up Wendy, who knew Katie in real life. Wendy was going to meet up with us for the casting call as well. It was a great support network.

The day before I was going to fly out, Antonio sent me a message to give him a call. I thought that was pretty cool. Maybe he was going to try to coordinate where were all going to meet. Maybe he just wanted to say hi? It turns out that the casting directors really liked his video. They liked it so much that they gave him a VIP pass for the casting call. That meant he didn’t have to wait in line. Good for him! It took me a minute to realize that he was offering to share it with Veronica, Wendy and me! He could bring 4 extra people with him. I was over the moon!! Standing in line is part of the fun, but to know we didn’t have to all day, that worked for me. It was so very kind and generous of him to share!  While we were at the casting call we all got to talking about, Vanessa, and some posts she made on the casting board. Antonio called her while we were in line and she was added to our group.  More about that later.

You will be hearing about my new friends, Sarah, Ivonne and Carol when I posted about a trip to Provo with them. Its pretty funny.

Those are not the only people I met on the casting board. A gal named, Anna, asked if someone would watch her video she was going to submit to the show. Katie and I both volunteered. It was funny and sad all rolled up into one. I added her to my network. She has a cool blog called  Glitter + Lazer’s Weight Loss Blog. My friend, San, also has a cool blog called Dear Diary, I am Fat…Now What? We started talking after the casting call and she is so much like me that it scares me.  My friend, Steffie, has a healthy cooking blog called: Cook Me This, great healthy recipes. Steffie is also good about pimping other people’s blogs on her Facebook page.  My friend, Dana, sends me positive notes every morning via Facebook  messages. She is a huge cheerleader for me.

From the board we have all set up several support systems. People who felt alone and felt as if they couldn’t loose weigh, suddenly have a bunch of cheerleaders. People who didn’t realize they could loose the weight on their own are loosing 10-15 pounds in one week! People who signed up for The Biggest Loser to change their lives, are finding out that they can change their lives on their own. The success stories I read on that board really warm my heart.

None of us are out of the running for the show. The cast is not finalized yet. Everyone has their fingers, toes, ovaries and testes crossed they get picked. In the meantime, they are all doing it on their own. Lord knows we all have support coming out of our ears!








  1. Grace Sevilly says:

    It seems like you found a friendly and encouraging community out there! It seems like you’ll be motivated to work harder if people root for you like that

    • They are all amazing and supportive people. I’m so glad that they let me play in their club. They are great!

  2. Oh! Anna fro Glitter +Lazer came to my blog recently! I’m rooting for you Bernie! It sounds like you’ve made a big decision and you will have the support you need to do it, regardless of whether you get on the show or not! Man, it’s scary to take on a lifestyle change…good for you!

  3. Oh Bernie! I am so glad we e-met. Keeping focused and feeling connected to others in the same situation is such an important part of this journey!

    Internet friends forevers!

  4. Bernie, I never doubted for a minute that you would soon acquire an entire team of cheerleaders, aka friends. This is fantastic that you are all there for each other. Here’s to hoping you or one of those in your circle, is chosen.

    • Thank you. Its funny how it worked out. I never thought I would acquire a whole support group via this process.

  5. So excited to be a part of this journey with you! And so very proud of you! I have every single part of me that can be crossed for you and even some parts that can’t!!! Hugs!

  6. I have my everything crossed for you! I think this is wonderful… and I love how you made such great new friends… exciting!!!

  7. My everything is crossed for you too… How exciting! And I love how you made great new friends too!

  8. I am so proud of you for doing this and think its wonderful that you are sharing it on your blog. You have the type of personality that is infectious and will encourage others to do what they thought they can’t. I have known for years how amazing you are and I am happy (although maybe a bit jealous ;) ) that others are getting to see who you really are. xoxoxo oh, and Pick Bernie, Pick Bernie!!!

    • Awwww Thanks, Michele. Even if I don’t get on, I can see I tried. I also had a heck of a lot of fun along the way.

  9. Definitely got my testes crossed. Amen.

    Thanks for the cool mention, Bernie. I totally <3 you and TOTALLY agree. This full on, seriously, engaging, radically uplifting SUPPORT is overwhelmingly AMAZING and just what I need.

    Thanks to all, in that regard. I count many of those mentioned above as my friends too!

    Love you all :)

  10. So heartwarming to hear about everybody rootin’ for each other and giving so much support and help. If YOU don’t make it, I sure hope one of your crew does!

    • That’s exactly how I’m looking at it. Even if I don’t make it, I really hope one or more of them do make it!!

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