My New Albatross – Seymour

Several of my buddies I have met via The Biggest Loser casting process are going to be doing a challenge for the month of August. Since I’m a follower, I’m going to join in as well. Lord help me! Anna started it with this post about 100 Miles. Move It to Lose It. Oh, doesn’t that sound like fun? No it does not. However, since the other kids are doing in, I thought I would join in as well. Because I’m a glutton for punishment and so enjoy stressing about goals. Good times.

Mr. Bernie LOVED the idea of me trying to walk 100 miles in a month. He was guessing I walk 1/4 of a mile if that every day. I walk. I walk to meet my friend, Sheri, for a cigarette. (Yes, I know I need to quit. Preaching to the choir here. But hey, I’m walking aren’t I?) I walk a block and a half to my favorite coffee shop, Rock Creek Roasters. Then I have to get a yummy something to drink. I have to walk all that way back to work, carrying a tray with my drink and Mr. Bernie’s drink. So see, I’m lifting while I’m walking. Multitasking my exercise. Go me! Because Mr. Bernie loves science, math and other boring stuff, he had it figured out how far I have to walk each day to reach 100 miles. “Gosh, Bernadette you will need to walk at least 3 miles a day!” I think I was ready to pass out at the thought. He was very good in helping me to find a pedometer to help chart my progress. It can do everything but walk for me. It counts my steps. I like that part because it seems like I have really been moving. Then when I look at the mile counter its like .7 miles or something. I think its broken. My friend, San also picked up this little gem. You can read more about it on her blog.  She is calling it her new Bern That is one of the few things that made me smile about this whole process. I named my Seymour. Somehow things are more fun if they have names.

I will be sending my miles to the girls so they can chart them for me. I wore the stupid thing on Friday and forgot to check the miles. I got frustrated after a while. Go figure. I wore it Sat. and forgot I had it on. Sunday was a wash. So I’m starting this process about a week behind everyone else. Which means I will have to walk more than 3 miles a day to make up for lost time. I didn’t even want to ask Mr. Bernie how many more miles I have to walk.

This means if I get up to go potty in the middle of the night I will pick it up and carry it with me. I will need to walk in place at work just to make the damn thing move. I guess that means I will be moving too. I never thought of that. Oh, crap!

Seymour and I need all the luck we can get!




  1. Bet you and Seymour are best friends by the end of the month. Don’t go any where without him. Love and best wishes.

  2. Go Bernie!! If you let your inner geek sneak out now and then, you can really have fun with a pedometer. I like to know how many step it takes me to do normal tasks. For instance, how many steps does it take to make my morning tea? I have to get the pot, walk across the kitchen to the water, back to the stove, then to get a mug, then back to the tea cabinet, then to the stove again. Then to the fridge for milk. Then back to the fridge. Whee…there is 23 steps! Okay, it sounds dumb when I type it out, but I’m easily amused.

    I’ve been meaning to buy a new pedometer since mine fell of on a trail somewhere last year. I ordered one but the company was so bad that they couldn’t even mail it to the right address (which was the only address I’d given them), then they ran out. So I kinda quit trying. I’m going to go check out one like Seymour! LOL – all I can think of is the Little Shop Of Horrors. Are you going to be asking it to feed you? ;-)

    • *lol* I never thought of doing that. That could make it fun. It would amuse me too. *lol*

      • You could start keeping track of how many steps it takes to do things like visit the bathroom, answer the phone, throw away a piece of trash….and report them to Mr. Bernie. See, you can be good at numbers! Look how many different numbers you can tell him. *evil grin*

        LOL – and I have a great visual of you walking to the coffee shop, looking at your shoes and saying “Feed me! FEED me!”. :-) Maybe you’d even make the local paper.

        Okay, I’m done now. I think. Probably. Maybe I’ll go order that pedometer.

  3. YAY, Bernie :) BTW, you can scroll back and see how many miles you’ve gone each day. It’s slightly complicated (for me, anyway, lol) but I’ve gone a little over 18000 steps since starting with it Saturday, which is about 9 miles. It’s pretty sweet when you look at it that way :) So PROUD of you and thanks again for suggesting my BERN…er…BURNdometer ;)

  4. Go Bernie! Park far away wherever you go to force a walk….also, doesn’t Katie drag you around?

    You can do it! I will dig out James’ pedometer if I can find it. You have inspired me!

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