Wordless Wednesday

Summer time and the swimsuits are scratchy.
I think I would rather not swim if I had to wear these!
They had more layers to swim in than a regular outfit.
I wonder if these were really heavy to wear in the water?
What all the fashionable swimmers wore in 1879.
Nothing says “Summer Time Fun” like wool.

Ad from: Vintage Ads


  1. Ah, the days before sunscreen…and sometimes I am afraid we are headed back that way (minus the wool, just head to toe lycra!)

  2. I think its funny that people walk around the grocery store wearing less than they used to just to go swimming. Seeing as how these are made in a dark wool, I am guessing you could swim without actually getting into the water. ;) You find the funnest ads!

    • Oh, I like that. I think just standing in the sun would cause them to sweat like a whore on dollar day.

  3. Those swimsuits had to be unbelievably heavy once they got wet. I wonder how many people drowned back in those days, simply from their swimsuits dragging them down. I remember having to jump into the pool wearing blue jeans when I took a Junior Lifesaver swimming course. We had to take off our jeans and then somehow trap air in the fabric to use them to help us float. NOT an easy task!
    Thanks for another interesting Wordless Wednesday post.

  4. I have never understood this wordless Wednesday thing. Probably because I talk too much. Either way, gotta go find some wool and sew me a new suit :)

    • I have never done WW right. I always have something snarky to say. I started doing these ads when I first started blogging.I can’t just post a picture of one of my pets and not say anything about it. So I just do my own weird version of WW. *lol*

  5. I remember having to swim with clothes on for some reason during swimming lessons-there was always one day in each level it seemed. I absolutely hated it. I think I would never have gone in the water if I had to wear wool. Yuck!

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