Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!!

The Birthday Card I made him this year.

Today is Mr. Bernie’s birthday! Everyday I’m thankful to have him in my life. I know that sounds sappy and cheesy, but there you go.  He has the patience of a Saint!  Which is a good thing when you have to live with me. He is good about making sure we are stocked up on chocolate at certain times of the month.  He is a wonderful cook. We would seriously starve if we depended on my cooking! He is ok with having foster Momma’s and puppies at the house.  When we get a new Momma he gives her a “spa day” and brushes her out. He is so good with our own animals. They all love him.  Not many men would be comfortable carrying their 45 pound puppy to the car because he can’t walk.  He is currently upgrading my computer so it goes faster and I can store more images! He did that out of the blue and without being asked.  That is the kind of guy he is.

Since today is his birthday, that means last night I should have been in tears. My infamous angel food cake disasters are known far and wide. Last year he made his own cake so I wouldn’t have a melt down when it didn’t turn out. I had posted on my Facebook page that it was time to make his cake and cry. I was given so much advice on making an angel food cake. Who know some many people could make them?  My friend, Dana, gave me a very old recipe for chocolate angel food cake. Mr. Bernie’s cousin, Anna,  typed out a couple of recipes for me to try to emailed them to me.  Everyone else had suggestions about using warm eggs, the right pan and so on and so forth. That was so cool!! Mr. Bernie suggested we pick up a cake this year and avoid the tears. Which I think is a great idea! However, with new recipes to try, that means I will need to make an angel food cake this weekend. As I told his cousin, “maybe during the weekend, AFTER, his birthday I will make one. Not as much pressure for it to turn out!” Look for an upcoming blog post about those cakes.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie.

Thank you for loving me and putting up with me!!



  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Bernie!!

    I’m trying to figure out how to mail a red velvet cake across the country. Maybe I should just have her buy one locally, LOL! Great idea!

  2. Happy birthday to Mr. Bernie, just a little late because my Google Reader is not notifying me of your new posts.

    So glad you have him, too.

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Bernie! He sounds like a really good soul. His birthday falls exactly one week after my Dad’s birthday & 1 week before mine. Oh, so that means his birthday is exactly 4 weeks before Christmas! I never get a cake for my birthday because all my family lives 15 hours away & hubby doesn’t think birthdays are a big deal. Last year he forgot my birthday altogether! This year I’m going to insist he buy my a birthday cake – he has a lot to make up for.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mr. Bernie!!!. I am sure this is the year of the cake Bernie. You can do It.

  5. Ohhhh you two are such a wonderful couple!!! Like peanut butter and Jelly! :) Hope Mr. Bernie has a super terrific wonderful Birthday! His comment made me a little veclempt.

    • *lol* He was very surprised by the deer stand we picked up for him. He was pleased that you, your hubby and I went into so much research about them. *lol*

  6. What nice things you have to say. Thank you, my dear. I really like this card design. The color balance, composition, and design is superb. Oh, have I told you that I love today?

  7. Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!! Sounds like a great way to reduce stress—buying and shopping local works just as well, right??? Hugs!!!

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