My Dirty Little Secret and Mr. Bernie

A few weeks ago I realized I had a problem. A little addiction that I’m NOT going to work on.  I just want to be clear on that. I’m not a quitter.  No, Siree! I’ve been really good at hiding my addiction. Picking up an image here; Michele sending me full cds  of images there; buying a few sheets of images on sale. It started out slowly and then snowballed. To me, my card making computer is like a closet. All full of wonderful things, many I may or may not use. Like a good woman, I have kept my closet closed. “Nothing to see here.” was my thought. Mr. Bernie didn’t need to know about this fetish.  I think he had his suspicions but never cared enough to look into it. Thank God!

I was surprised when a little message popped on my screen telling me that I was running out of memory and couldn’t download anything. I was hoping to download this cool free vintage background that I found on Flicker. My heart stopped. How could my computer be full? How does that happen? Who fills up a computer? That is just dumb. Computers should go on forever. You should be able to store everything you want on your computer. I started to hyper-ventilate for two reasons: 1) I really NEEDED this image and I couldn’t save it. and  2) I had to ask Mr. Bernie to help me. He would inevitably find out about my addiction.  What to do, what to do? What Could I do?

The fact I love images and have so many was not an issue until my hard drive started to fill up. Crap. That meant I had to ask for Mr. Bernie’s help to free up some space. Living with a computer geek has its pluses and minuses. Needing him to look at my computer is great for simple fixes. Having him look at my computer because I have so many images crammed into it is something totally different. After weighing my desire for this new vintage paper against the possibility of getting berated by Mr. Bernie, I called out to him in the living room. “Mr. Bernie, can you please come help me? Something is wrong with my computer. It says that its full and won’t let me download stuff. That’s dumb. But you are soooooooo smart. Can you please come help me?” He hollered back, “What, Bernadette?” (Because we are classy like that and just yell from room to room) I repeated my plea. I heard a loud sigh as he dragged his happy ass out of his chair. Then the muttering started as he was walking towards me, “Bernadette filled her computer. How did she fill her computer? I can’t believe she filled her computer. Boy, I’m glad I have “The Voice recording on DVR”

He came into my craft room and looked at me in disbelief as I explained my dilemma. Mr. Bernie growled at me,  “Move, and lets see what’s going on here.” I took the opportunity to tell him how nice he is, grab my phone, and step outside to talk to a girlfriend.

About twenty minutes later, he came out and let me know that he had cleared off a bunch of unnecessary files. He had a little utility that looks for duplicate images and got rid of a couple of gigabytes of stuff. He told me that was not a lot of room, but should get me by for a few days. I sure hope that we get another hard drive for me to fill up. Just call me a hoarder.



  1. I just started getting rid of some of my dirty little secrets on ebay…it is even easier for a husband to stumble upon a closet full of rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies!

  2. benzeknees says:

    I know how you feel – when I’m not exactly hiding something but not being forthcoming with hubby & then something happens & I have to ask for help. You know darn well you’re going to get snarked at. My suggestion to you – get some disks, CD’s or thumb drives & download some of your images so they aren’t just clogging up your hard drive. You can always pull an image off the device you’ve loaded onto when you need it (as long as you haven’t filled up your hard drive with even more images)!

    • I have thought about doing that as well. Then I worry I will just fill it up again. We are not sure what we are going to do yet. I really need more of a graphics computer. We shall see what happens.

  3. Just get an external hard drive. I have my photos saved to one now because one time my computer crashed and shhh, don’t tell your images this, but I lost everything! It wasn’t pretty! They are not that expensive anymore and are so handy!

    Remember what I said yesterday about becoming a hoarder? We might have to talk!

  4. Oh, oh. I better have my in-house computer expert check my space when he’s home from college.

    Welcome back to blogging, Bernie. I missed your posts. I have your blog listed in my Google Reader, but nothing new has popped into it so I was unaware of your return to blogging until you commented on my post today. Could Mr. Bernie please come and see what is wrong? You are so fortunate to have him there to assist with tech issues. even if he growls. I have a quite capable son, if only he still lived here.

    • Thank you. I have no idea how that Google reader even works. Its nice that your son can come home and work on your computer on breaks. :)

  5. Don’t worry Bernie, my mom has tons of pictures all that she took. Talk to her, she can tell you how to best store your “disease.” Plus Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up so you should be able to get a good deal on an external hard drive. You will be so techy!

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