Watch Out For the Hands Under the Bed


Last night I got to thinking about the way the Mr. and I sleep.  I’m 5’4″ and Mr. Bernie is 6’2″. As the shorter of the two, I sleep with my head practically into the headboard.  Mr. Bernie likes to sleep with his head about 5″ away from the headboard. He likes his feet to hang over the edge of the bed.

I asked the Mr. why he sleeps so far down on the bed. His reply, “That way the hands can’t grab me and pull me up through the headboard.” That is just a dumb thought. Everyone knows that it’s the hands at the foot of the bed that pull you under. Who has ever heard of the hands pulling you that way? Not me.

When I was little I used to see hands under my bed. I had a very high antique bed with lots of room under it. They were black gloved hands, led by King Friday and Lady Elaine from Mr. Rogers. Getting into my bed was a feat unto itself. I had to run and hop up before the hands  would get me. When I got a bed that was lower to the ground, I felt a little better about it.

We had a whole discussion about this last night. Its nights like this I think we really need a hobby or something. We got to talking about what would happen if the “hands” got us. Mr. Bernie thought that if they pulled you through the headboard they tug you towards the circles of hell. *lol* It made me stop and pause for a minute. All those years I was afraid of hands under my bed. I have no idea what I thought they would have done to me if they got me. I knew I didn’t want to take a chance and to this day keep my feet on the bed. Would they have tickled me to death?

I’m going to take an unscientific poll. How do you sleep? Did you see hands under your bed when you were little? If the “hands” got you, what would happen to you?

Have a wonderful Saturday!!



  1. Crazy Dog Lady says:

    Oh for gosh sakes, Bernie, everyone knows it is monsters, not hands under the bed. When they get you, they feed you tuna hotdishes and jello with grated carrots and radish slices in it.

  2. I cannot sleep with any body part off the bed. All body parts have to be securely on said bed. I also still turn my light off and then run and jump into my bed. The hands are scary even though I still don’t know what would happen if said hands did grab me.

  3. Oh I agree about King Friday and Lady Elaine….creepy! I did not think there were hands—I thought there were alligators. If there were clothes or stuff on the floor you were safe to walk on those and then jump into bed. If there was nothing on the floor you were risking it all! You had to really get up a good head of steam and run and jump—if the gators got you it was over. Fortunately I was a fast runner back then and a good jumper.

    • Oh, that is a clever way to take care of that. Also, it would give you a good excuse NOT to pick up your clothes. A safety thing.

  4. When I was a little girl, I saw an ad on TV for an old horror movie “The Beast With Five Fingers.” It must have been a late-night rerun. Anyhow, I worried that those five fingers would creep up onto my bed and get me. For years I slept with a sheet or blanket over my head, leaving a small opening over my mouth so I could breathe. Don’t ask me why I thought that little bit of fabric would protect me from so vile a creature!

  5. Loved this post! King Friday always gave me the creeps too. I always thought there was something under my bed but because my bed was lower to the ground I figured that if they ever got me they would kind of do what spiders, bite and then suck out all the goo so I would be flat enough to fit under the bed where I could be eaten up in peace, never to be seen again. I always kind of figured it was clowns under there. :)

  6. I sleep high up in the bed.

    I don’t remember being afraid of anything being under my bed as a child. I always had my sister to go to sleep with so I was never alone.

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