Bernie’s Big Birthday Bash

Starting on the left side, Tammi, Jenny, Lyn, Mandy around the right side, Cheryl, Cathie, Anne and Michele

One of the things I miss by living in Montana are birthday parties with girlfriends. Roy does he best every year to do something special for me. However, the girl in me wants to have a party with a group of friends. That is something that has not been possible since I have moved to Montana. Jenny decided if she was going to fly me home for my birthday, by God I was going to have a party too. She sent messages to my girlfriends inviting them to one of my favorite restaurants on my birthday. I told her that if anyone asked if they needed to bring a gift, tell them no. I didn’t need gifts, having everyone come out to celebrate my birthday was gift enough.

The plan was to meet at 6pm at one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.  A lovely unexpected surprise was extra people at the party. An old friend, who I have not seen in years, read about the party on Facebook. She told another friend that she would like to go, the more the merrier! I’m so glad she did that. With something like this, you don’t want to invite people you haven’t talked to in years, but if they want to go, Yea!!  I was just giddy at having a my friends all in the same spot to get caught up. It would have been present enough.

After visiting for a bit, I was told to open my gifts. I have to say that every present was unique and thoughtful. Usually on your birthday, there is the odd unique gift, on this birthday they were all unique and so very thoughtful. Everyone found things that were so unusual and fun, yet very me! I received lovely pendent of the Ariel Lift bridge, on a long chain. I can never find necklaces long enough.. I had never seen anything like it. Another friend, brought me an unusual painting done by otters! Now that is something I had never heard of before. She thought that since I enjoy animals so much, I would enjoy a picture done by an animal. You have never heard of otters painting? Go read this: “Outsider Painting” Its a pretty cool process. Another friend brought me a beautiful necklace of St. Bernadette, the Saint I’m named after. Another friend brought me an adorable pin of Noah’s Ark, the earrings are in the pin and a necklace. It turns into a little trinket box when I’m not wearing it. Another friend gave me an Amazon gift card, which is perfect because I wanted to download some new music to my Kindle before I go home.

Facebook is a funny thing. Many of us have not actually talked to each other in quite a while. However, we are all good Facebook stalkers, which allowed us to  not have awkward silences during dinner. Many of the conversations started out with, “I saw on Facebook…” It was great because we could ask more about things we saw. It gave us all a good jumping off point. Which the exception of  Michele and Tammi, all of those girls have been friends since Elementary School or Junior High. To get them all together in one place was a blessing all of its own. It was nice to get caught up and see what is going on with everyone.

Finally, it was time for cupcakes!! Michele ordered cupcakes from my wedding baker, so of course they were amazing. Red Velvet, Chocolate Heath Bar Crunch, Spiced Pear/Chocolate and Pink Champagne. They all had little glitter sprinkled on the top. When they started to sing Happy Birthday to me, the whole restaurant joined in! That was embarrassing, but in a good way. When it came to the part to sing my name in the song, some guy yelled, “Thank you” That cracked us all up.

It was time for people to start trickling out to go head home. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. All these very different women came out in the cold to celebrate my birthday. It was almost as if time stood still for a minute and I was a girl again. I almost expected my Mom to come out from someplace and tell me it was time for bed.

I felt so blessed and honored to call these women my friends.



  1. Happy birthday (a little later), Bernie! What a wonderful group of friends you have. But I am not surprised given your personality. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Bernie?

    Those cupcakes sound heavenly, just heavenly.

    Many more birthdays, dear Montana/Minnesota friend!

  2. I’m so glad Bernie! You deserve it.

  3. Charlene Pitsch says:

    Isn’t it great that friends you haven’t seen in ages seem to pick up right where they left off? I am glad you had a great birthday. Charlene

  4. Aww, what a wonderful birthday for you! I’m glad you got to go back and spend time with the girls. The older I get, the more important I find girl-time to be.

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday celebration. A couple of years ago I got together with women who were in my elementary school Girl Scout troop, and we had a great time. Like you, we’d reconnected via Facebook before our get-together and that made our face-to-face meeting much more fun. There’s nothing like old friends with shared memories.

  6. It sounds like you had a GREAT Birthday how wonderful for you.

  7. I had such a great time!! What better thing to go out in the cold for than a celebration with friends! :) I am just glad you didn’t make Tammi and I go sit at another table after the singing candle incident. ;)

  8. What a wonderful night!!! So glad you were surrounded by all your friends. Hope that this trip chases those Montana blues far far away and that you get all filled up with love and good old midwest hospitality!!!!

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