Frisking, First Class and Friends


My friend, Jenny, decided to fly me home for my birthday! I have not been to Duluth Minnesota for over a year. What a fun idea! Go home, have a party with girlfriends, freeze to death! For those of you who live in a box and don’t get weather updates, Minnesota is in a huge deep freeze right now.

When everything was confirmed to go home I decided to email a couple blogging friends. It felt kind of rude to say, “Hey, I’m going to be coming to Msp. Minnesota. Wanna come hang out for a while?” However, rude be damned, I wanted to meet these gals and this was going to be a good opportunity to do so.  I really wanted to meet Beth Ann from It’s Just Life, if you click the link it will take you to her post on the meet up. Beth Ann’s blog does “Comments for a Cause” For every comment she receives about her blog posts, she donates 50 cents to a cause of the month. For January and February, the cause is our friend Nina and her family.  I also really wanted to meet Audrey from Minnesota Prairie Roots, who lives in Minnesota. I had barely hit Send and Beth Ann was replying. “Yes, When and where??!!” Audrey had previous commitments and was not sure if she would be able to make it.  We all emailed back and forth, setting up times and dates. We were getting more and more excited as the day neared. Yesterday, was that day. Sadly, Audrey was not able to make it.

My day at the airport started with getting frisked. We are not talking a gentle nudge near my boob, but a whole body pat-down. Oh, boy! She explained everything in great detail. She asked if I wanted a private room frisk. I told her as long as I got to keep my clothes on, I was good where we were. She told me that I would have to lift up the hem of my shirt, so she could feel my belt loops. I announced that I was wearing a girdle type thing and she should ignore how it was rolling around my hips. I also told her that I didn’t want my fat rolls on display for all. When it was done I asked for a sticker. She didn’t have any. I was bummed. I wanted a sticker that said, “I got frisked by the TSA”

Then it was time to board the plane. When they scanned my boarding pass, the gate agent told me to wait a minute. Then out popped a little ticket that said my said was 1 D. I was mad! I paid to sit in Economy class in C.  I sail past seat 1D and stood in the aisle confused. The stewardess helped me find my seat, a window seat in First Class!! How did that happen? I sat down and tried to take it all in. She offered me something to drink before the plane took off and I had a Bloody Mary, well two Bloody Mary’s and snacks! I just have no clue who on earth upgraded me, but I sure did enjoy it!! What a wonderful surprise!

My plane was early arriving in Minneapolis, however, Beth Ann was on the ball and at the baggage  area waiting for me.  We joked about not recognizing each other when I arrived. I wore a plastic tiara and big purple cats eyes glasses. She was holding this sign! How cool is that? We both just laughed and hugged. What a thoughtful thing to do. She put a lot of work into it. Its heavy and fun. I felt like royalty. That started out non stop marathon of talking for about 5 hours straight. None of the awkward silence for us. It was as if we had been doing this all of our lives.

We got into her car and she has the best gps system. Its has a redneck sounding southern voice giving directions!! I about piddled myself from laughing. It is the coolest thing. He is hard to understand, but funny as heck! She drove me to the hotel she was staying at. She came all the way from Iowa and stayed overnight, just to meet me. Her hubby is a Rock Star and booked her a room so she wouldn’t have to go back home after my flight came in. As we went to up to her room, we both started laughing at how weird it was. She picks me up at the airport and I got to her hotel room.  We just laughed and talked and laughed some more. It was wonderful not having to go out in the freezing cold again. Uggg! I was quite content to sit in her room.

As if picking me up at the airport with a sign was not enough, she had birthday presents for me! Stickers, lip balm, a purse pad and A PRE-MADE scrapbook!! She actually bought an album and set it up as a scrapbook. All I have to do is add pictures from my birthday week! Can you believe that?  I’m still waiting on my wedding scrapbook from two years ago from Michele and Jen. Beth Ann whipped this out in a few weeks. I was so touched, because I’m so not a scrapper. Now I can have a wonderful way to memorialize my trip.

I have been reading Beth Ann for while now. She is as kind and gracious in person as she is online. She is warm and makes you want to tell her everything about you. Some people just have an aura about them of warmth, comfort and sweetness, Beth Ann has a huge cloud of that. I didn’t want to leave her and want her to move closer to me. She also is a stitch in a half. My cheeks still hurt from laughing.

After gabbing and laughing for a while, we went downstairs to the restaurant for dinner. You know how I have mentioned that strangers want to tell me things all the time? It’s the same way with Beth Ann. When we sat down, the waitress started telling us about something that had happened to hear earlier that day.  She went on for a while and then said to us, “And I don’t even know why I’m telling you both this?” Beth Ann and I both started laughing and assured her that we knew why she was telling us and thank you for sharing her day. Its one thing to have it happen alone but I suppose when two of you have the same thing happen all the time……

Finally, it was time for Jenny’s brother to pick me up. I was sad to have to leave Beth Ann. She  made me feel so warm and fuzzy. Jenny’s brother took our picture, so we had a record that we actually did meet. It was a wonderful way to start my birthday week. I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to come meet me and make me feel so special.



  1. I want to gain more followers by submitting my pictures to blogs. Like when people click through, they will link to my blog.

  2. benzeknees says:

    What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday BTW! I just know Beth Ann would be so much fun to meet & you two would be a Gigglefest!

  3. I love this post although I am soooooooooooooo jealous… I would love to be able to have hung out with you and Beth Ann….

  4. That is a great blog! What an inspiration you are to have complete “strangers” want to spend time to meet you. Your mama must be so proud..and btw, you have amazing friends!

  5. Awwww…that was too sweet!!! Thanks and the feeling is so mutual!! I had so much fun and we will definitely do it again! Glad the Transporter got you safely to your destination and all is well with the world. Oh and the GPS voice is Billy Bob Thornton doing Karl from Sling Blade—-can’t make that stuff up!!! Thanks for the privilege of sharing your vacay with me for a bit—it was great and the Rock Star thanks you, too, for making his wifey so happy!

  6. Having met Beth Ann and her husband back in December when they drove up to hear me at a poetry reading, I had no doubt you two would have a great time. She is wonderful. I am so sorry I missed meeting you, Bernie. It would have been great fun to be in on the party.

    That said, do enjoy your time with family and friends.

    Next time, OK? But, can you pretty please come when the weather is warmer?

  7. Wow..what a fun trip, first class to boot! So glad you and Beth Ann got to meet in person…xo

  8. Great picture of the two of you!! I guess I am really under pressure now to get my half of your wedding scrapped, then it will be up to Jen to finish her half. Did Jen finish her half of your shower pictures? Maybe if she ever came over to scrap instead of insisting on going to work all the time we could get it done. ;) Can’t wait to see the album from Beth Ann, it looks so fun!! Looking forward to seeing you tonight for dinner!!

  9. Bernie – You are truly a special person and how fun to make new friends far and wide. Makes me miss the traveling and living other places days. Have a GREAT Birthday!

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