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299pot-pieMr. Bernie and I were rear-ended last Friday. The car is drivable but its a big pain in the brain, figuratively and literally.  Mr. Bernie has had a headache ever since the accident. He finally agreed to go see a Doctor on Tuesday. Mr. Bernie had a plate put in his neck about 15 years ago to fuse part of his spine. My concern was that was that it was somehow jostled and that was causing the headaches. My other concern was that Mr. Bernie couldn’t concentrate or focus on things. He is always sharp as a tac, which has his drawbacks at time. However, watching him squint and not really be able to do anything scared me. It turned out that his fusion is fine and the Doctor thinks it’s all tension and gave him some meds. to alleviate the pain. That made me very happy and we went right to the pharmacy.

The pharmacy is next door to a Perkin’s Restaurant so we decided to have an early dinner while we waited. It was about 4:30pm and as I looked around the restaurant I noticed that everyone was elderly. They must be there for an early bird special or something. There was nobody in their under 40 years old. I know this because I was the youngest one there, which quite frankly made me feel like I was in an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” Mr. Bernie was having a hard time making a decision on what to eat. He is always that way, so it wasn’t the headache. They had pot-pie and I encouraged him to try that for dinner.  I reminded him that pot-pie is a good comfort food and he needed comfort. While we waited for our dinner, I just keep looking around the room and thinking we are too young to be “Early Bird Special” kind of people. Mr. Bernie was not much company as he kept putting his head back and closing his eyes.

Finally, our dinner arrived. His pot-pie was big and flaky looking. Suddenly, I turned into Rain-man and kept repeating, “Gee, that pot-pie looks good.” Not once but several times. I have no idea why I did this. I never cared if a pot-pie looked good or not. Then it dawned on me, that was something a Senior would say! I’m eating early dinner with the Seniors and talking about dinner like them. Yikes!  Then Mr. Bernie kept having a hard time focusing on chatting with me and would close his eyes or stare into space. That scared me too, because he is sharp as a tac. It made me wonder about what will happen when we get older. When he is not as sharp as he has always been. It will have to happen one day but it’s not something I have ever thought about before.  It made me a little sad.

I realize that aging is something that we all have to go through at one point in time. Sometimes I feel as if Mr. Bernie and I were gypped by fate because we haven’t been together since we were in our 20′s. Honestly, if we were together when he was in his 20′s I would have been a tween, so it would have been creepy and wrong. Yet, there is that part of me that thinks we won’t have as many years to be sharp together. To be young together. Someday we will be going to Early Bird Specials and perhaps get forgetful. That we will have to help each other across the street and so on.

I know one thing that I have to look forward to, “Gee, that  pot-pie looks good!”

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  1. And that is love, too, to help one another across the street and eat pot pies together.

    I hope Mr. Bernie is feeling better. Sounds like a frightening experience.

  2. I am so glad you guys are ok… I was rear ended about a month ago (the guy who hit me ran away also). It is so scary when it happens because you have no warning…

    The diner that you went to sounds an awful lot like the restaurant where I met Marc… Our tables were the only two that didn’t have patrons north of their 70th birthday~

    • It is scary. He is feeling better but I’m not sure if he is going to need physical therapy or not.
      Oh, so that makes for a fun first meet and greet!

  3. That is sobering, isn’t it? I’ve stopped jumping in to finish TriGuy’s sentences because I noticed he has a hard time remembering words. It scares me too, but he knows and is working on it, so now I just let him think or give him hints when he gets stuck (it helps that that’s part of what I do in my job). I’m glad you guys weren’t seriously hurt and I hope Mr. B is back to his normal self shortly!

    • Thank you. I bet that is hard to not finish his thoughts for him. But as you said, its your type of work so you know what to do.
      I hope he is too. He can focus now, just has a bit of pain.

  4. It might be a good thing when you are older to be forgetful! Then every day will truly be a new one! Meanwhile, enjoy those pot pies. Gee, I’m getting hungry. :)

  5. benzeknees says:

    I hope Mr. Bernie feels better soon! I have gone out with my parents sometimes & felt like I was in the Twilight Zone too!

  6. I hope Mr. B is feeling better, headaches are such a painful distraction! So glad to hear that there is nothing wrong internally, and the up side is your car insurance will cover it (at least I think it does like MN and WI do). :) Love Pot Pie and now I think I want to check out Perkins, but maybe after 4 in the afternoon. I agree with Beth Ann, you two will never run out of things to talk about. <3

    • Oh, you should get their potpie, I guess it was pretty tasty. :) Yes, you are right about the medical part of the insurance.

  7. Sorry about the crash. Hope Mr. Bernie get better soon. I am sure you two will always find things to talk about. We are “old” and we do talk about lots of things.

    • I’m sure we will too. It was just such a startling thing between the early bird special and the Mr. not being able to focus.

  8. Wow–that pot pie looks good! :-) You and Mr. Bernie will not run out of things to talk about —it may not be as exciting as talking about the latest foster pup or the customer from “he double toothpicks ” but I am sure you won’t be one of those couples that can’t talk to each other. :-) Hope Mr. Bernie gets to feeling much better soon and so sorry about the accident. They can certainly put a dent in your day.

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