Have You Ever?

ID-100224548Have you ever had one of those days when everything is making you mad or sad? Your husband is breathing normally and you want to smother him? Even when he doesn’t have a cold that makes him sound like Darth Vader. Everyone who comes into your shop gets on your nerves. A simple, “Hi”, can make you come unglued. It seems as if everyone is making stupid decisions that are not in their own best interest and they do them anyway.  The beeping of your cell phone that you have a message makes you want to toss your phone across the room. Your husband picks you up a  yummy coffee is too hot or too cold or to something. Suddenly, everything that you have been putting off and not worrying about is a huge issue for you? Talking to anyone seems like too much effort so you don’t talk? You eye Dr. adjusts your contacts to something better and that is annoying? Your husband buys you a piece of fudge and even that is too much to eat? Nothing sounds good. Everything sounds good. The dogs are doing nothing but that is annoying? People are sending you emails apologizing for something out of their control and are not only going to make it right but send you a bonus and that annoys you? Your too fat. Your perfectly colored hair is wrong. You don’t feel as if you can do anything right?  Your husband is smart enough to just listen to you and let you rant and rave and perhaps cry for no reason and doesn’t try to fix you and that is wrong? Even though you know in your heart of heart that is right?  That sometimes its best to just disconnect from everything for a few days to keep your own sanity, not to mention your own friends? You know this too will pass after a day or two but are not sure if you should scream or cry first?

Me either. I just thought I would ask.

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  1. benzeknees says:

    Just thinking – this sounds so much like perimenopause or menopause! Never had PMS, but this could be it too. Hormones are such funny things . . . glad you never had this problem! Hahahahaha!

  2. Ummm I call that a trip to Target. ;) I hope the rest of your week gets better and better!

  3. Charlene Pitsch says:

    On days like that, even my critters live in fear. I’m so glad they forgive easily and love me no matter what mood I am in!! I keep saying “This too, shall pass”! I also keep a couple of books on hand for those days!

    • Oh, I would love nothing more than to be able to just sit and read and ignore everything on days like that. That is if I had days like that. *lol*

  4. I call it having the terminal cranks and warn people that you never know for whom they will be terminal so their best bet is to just go away. And I do not care if they go away mad, sad, or glad just so long as they GO AWAY. Those are the days where I will say later it was a good day because no one died by my hands.
    I fully admit to those days because when I have them, I do them well.

    • Its good to admit what you do well. I’m thinking I should have a gold star at this point. Today is going to be another day of hiding out at work, hoping Mr. B. will answer the phone and not make me talk to anyone. Then come home and do more of the same. I should be better by tomorrow.

  5. I have those kind of days but luckily the only one I live with is my dog. lol I am aware of my mood (I call it the “can’t help its”) I feel like tearing someone’s/anyone’s head off and I can’t help it! When the can’t help its strike, I won’t answer my phone, talk to anyone or go anywhere.. I look at it as public service.

  6. I’ve never ever had a day like that either. Or at least none that I would really admit!

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