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ID-10012085Welcome to the new “One Mixed Bag.” I want to get a HUGE thank you to Lisa of Chaos Appreciation working her magic and making my blog pretiful! THANK YOU, LISA. All together now gang, Thank you, Lisa. The woman has the patience of a Saint! My back-end was pretty bad, not unlike my own personal back-end. I had outdated plug-ins, things didn’t do what they were supposed to do. I kept getting messages that I need to fix things. I had no idea what I needed to fix or how to do it. Lisa did everything I asked for and then some. I’m so thankful. Now my blog is a bit more streamlined and not so heavy on the right side. It doesn’t go on for days, I have a footer. She added some categories for me. She changed colors and redid my lady at the top. I hated Feed-burner, it never really worked for my blog anyway. She got me set up with MailChimp to send out notices of new posts. She did all the work. Thankfully, I was so darn lost. Speaking of notices,  many of you got a weird email saying that my “Contact” page was set up and it was from Lisa. Not to worry, it was my fault for even having it set up to update subscribers. That email should have only gone to me. I was not hacked, only helped.

Join me in a tour of my new blog. I have updated my “About” page. I haven’t done that in years. I now have a spiffy new “Contact” page. Quite a few folks mentioned that would be handy to have. On the upper right side above my picture is a handy way to get my blog updates in your inbox. No more wondering if there is a new post or not. (Thank you for mentioning that to me, Sandy.) At the bottom of my posts I now have a cool thing asking you to share, without being rude about it. I have a cool signature. At the bottom of new posts will show you other posts you may like. It’s not as cluttered. I have a button if you want to stalk me on Pincrack Pinterest.  If I decide to sell my cards on my blog, Lisa will help me set that up as well. One step at a time, I have to get used to all the space. I stole part of Beth Ann’s copyright notice. It was ok I asked first. Kind of ironic to steal something about not stealing but that is how I roll. I may put up a blog roll again, its been so long since I have actively read blogs, that it will be a few months before I do that.

I know this is later than I normally blog however I wanted to show off my new blog as soon as I had a chance.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the tour. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Just because I can, here is a button to subscribe via email:



  1. benzeknees says:

    I read your updated About page, but there was nowhere to Like it or Comment on it. Like you, when I check out someone new I like to read their About page so I learn what they think is important about themselves!

    • Oh, thank you for pointing that out!! I will have to let my Blog Goddess know. I hope you learned something new and fun.

  2. So glad you are back! We have all missed you. The new look is great and you have a blog goddess that helped you—isn’t that great? I am going to click around to see how it all works!!

    • Thank you. I think she did such a great job. I would be proud to participate in a blog hop, if anyone does those anymore. I think that it looks clean and stylish.

  3. It looks fabulous! And, you used my all time favorite photo … it captures you perfectly.

  4. Well easier except the header which on my phone only shows ” One” “Whatever “. Which really for you… that works too

  5. Congrats Bernie it looks great! Much easier to read on a mobil!

  6. Glad to see the new digs! It looks great, cheery and fun ~ it’s so you. :) I am looking forward to all your grand new adventures.

  7. I was glad to see that you had not been hacked. I really was concerned since another friend had been hacked when their blog was being brought into the 21st century. (Not that yours was not in the 21st century – it was, it was just still in the aughts not the teens.)
    I read your new “About” – glad we are now BFFs. :)

    • Mine was darn near at the very far edge of the 21st. This looks much better.
      I’m glad we are BFFs too. *lol*

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