Sing Out Loud and Proud

Mr. Bernie singing loud and proud before his Christmas concert.

Mr. Bernie singing loud and proud before his Christmas concert.

Mr. Bernie is now a proud member of the “Big Sky Chorus” here in Billings, Montana. He joined last year, right around the time I stopped blogging. One of the chorus members stopped by our shop to see if Mr. Bernie wanted to hire a quartette to sing to someone on Valentine’s Day. While he was there Mr. Bernie asked a whole bunch of questions about the chorus. His, soon to be new friend, invited him to come to a rehearsal and see if he liked it. He loved it and was hooked.

Mr. Bernie couldn’t read music before he started. He would sing to me in the car or sing me to sleep, (I know awwwwww), or make up silly words to songs.  When he changes the words of the songs he will keep changing to worse and even worse words until I turn to glare at him. That makes him happy and he goes on with his day. Now he can read music and follow a his choir director. He gets so excited to go to practices and hang out with the guys.  I really love to listen to him sing.

Mr. Bernie sings all the time. Some days he sings more than he talks. When he has to practice for a concert he plays the same cd over and over and over some more. You can listen to the song “Lazy Days” four times on the way to work. I know this because we did that for a few weeks straight. Sometimes with just the bass part. It was quite exciting for me to hear the song with the whole choir for the first time. I was able to sing along and not miss a word. To him it is like breathing.

I’m so used to him singing that when I catch him singing out of the car, office or home it gives me pause. Today we were running some errands and he was standing over my shoulder looking at something and singing loudly. Not just humming under his breath. Not just mumbling the words. He was loud and proud. I started looking around to see if anyone heard him. Wondering what people were thinking. We went to another store and I went my way and he went his. It was very easy to find him as I could follow the singing. He will sing in a restaurant, in a store, gas station and so on. I’m not sure if he sings in bathrooms other than the one in our home but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

Please don’t think that I’m bashing Mr. Bernie’s singing. I’m not, I’m just sharing how he does it everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. It’s wonderful that he has found something he enjoys to do and he is good at. Its allowed him to go on adventures and new places. His face lights up if you ask him about being in the chorus.

He used to sing only to me. Now he sings for anyone and everyone. It’s been an adjustment to see him share his gift with everyone.  I’m learning to just enjoy his singing in odd places. I  know he is happy and that makes me happy.




  1. Hi there Guys,

  2. Yeah for Mr. Bernie. Sing your heart out!

    • He does and and he sings everywhere. I’m so tickled he has a hobby he enjoys and can do year round. Gardening is really only seasonal.

  3. benzeknees says:

    Sorry – my last comment should read Thank goodness Kelvin has NOT taken on this habit.

  4. benzeknees says:

    Thank goodness Kelvin has taken on this habit – for someone who used to be in a band, he has no sense of rhythm & cannot carry a tune in a basket! I’m glad Mr. Bernie found a new place to enjoy his passion. I bet he still keeps some tunes just for you though (wink)

  5. My husband will be retiring soon, and I’ve thought he might enjoy singing with a men’s chorus. He has a lovely voice. I’ll tell him about Mr. Bernie’s happy experience and see what he has to say. If he does decide to join a chorus, I just hope he doesn’t start serenading the whole world! Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh, I highly recommend it. Mr. Bernie was nervous about starting but just loves it! The choirs have competitions the guys can do to. Making new friends is always fun. Do you know if a chorus in your area? If not send me a note in the contact page and Mr. Bernie might be able to find one via the Harmony Society he belongs too.

  6. auntie jack says:

    hate to burst your bubble but Mr. Bernie has sung to me a few times the past few years, yes he does have a beautiful voice I recognize it immediately when he calls with birthday wishes. Love Him Luv ya both

    • Oh, of course he has sang to his Auntie Jack. Blah, Blah, Blah. *teasing* I know he loves calling and singing Happy Birthday to you. He used to do it to Auntie Loretta too. :)

  7. He sounds good when he sings though! The person I heard singing in the waiting area where I was yesterday didn’t sound good. Not the place to be singing and I pretty much wanted to punch her!

    • Thank you. He does sound good when he sings so that is a plus. Its not fun to be at the Doctor’s and being held captive by awful singing. Yikes!

  8. I am looking forward to getting to hear one of his concerts one of these days. :) I am so glad he found something he loves like you did with your cards. Hobbies are what help keep us young and having fun!

  9. Mr. Bernie has found his second love and that is so wonderful that it is something that he continues to share with you but also with the world!!!! I had a friend sing to the cashier at Menards one time when we were out shopping. It was…..unsettling… put it mildly. I did not know what to do. THe cashier did not know what to do….it was odd to put it mildly. But she was a little odd. Not that I am saying Mr. Bernie is odd. At all. This was just a really weird occurrence and I was happy when the song ended. :-) Sing on, Mr. Bernie!

    • That was the exact way I was feeling when he started to sing out in public. I think I have gotten over it but you described how I felt the first time to a T!

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