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417cb090a85be822ab1d8cad97221201What to get for the man who is hard to shop for.
Seriously? Who would even do this?
Who would want it? How is this a good idea?
 ”Cover your lips in goo” is a HUGE selling point.
“(Can we cast other things?  You bet-name it and we’ll quote)” 
I’ll give you two guesses of what else they would cast.


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  1. Well, I guess you could always get a cast of your tuchus – that way you can just point people to the bronze when you tell them to “Kiss my A…”

  2. Wonder if Gene Simmons used this company to get a copy of his thing that was in the song plaster caster?? hummmmm! This is just weird, I can not believe you find this stuff!

  3. Oh my goodness. The part that gets me: “Can we cast other things? You bet!” What do you suppose they’re implying? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

    • That is the same thought I had as well. I wonder if the price went up depending on the “other thing” that was cast?

  4. I don’t think so. The Goo is not going to happen. Pete prefers the real thing.

  5. Can be worn on the belt buckle? Awesome. I’ll take one pair of lips, and one of those other things that they can cast. I’ve been needing a new belt buckle conversation piece. :-D

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