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VibraI have heard of many uses for vibrators over the years but this is new.
“Turn it on and relax.” I wonder how loud this thing was.
“It gives strength and vitality to weak and frail breasts”
What in the heck is a weak and fail breast?

What do you bet some man invented this?
As a gal who has a larger chest, I wonder if wearing it would give me a black eye from the bouncing?


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  1. benzeknees says:

    I too would be worried about black eyes since I’m so large chested!

  2. This is one of the funniest ones you have found! I love how the woman looks like she is swooning, probably because her boobs are perfect but now the rest of her is frail from never getting out of bed. ;)

  3. LOL, big time. Even the comments had me holding my ….. chest.

  4. Charlene Pitsch says:

    Good one! Wonder if it works on the old ones too? Gravity is such a bitch!!

  5. OMG! My chest not only is weak and frail but the ligaments are flaccid! Bernie, I really owe you for finding a product to help! I wonder tho, if all it takes is vibration to fix it, do you think maybe I can just go rest my chest on the washing machine when it is running? I mean, just until I get my new Vibra Bra.

    • This has to be the best comment I have seen on my blog in a long time. I even read it to Mr. Bernie, once I stopped laughing.

  6. I can’t believe that having your chest vibrating is relaxing. Love your humor I can just picture you getting a black eye.

  7. Things that make you go hmmmmm – literally.

  8. Weak and frail? I’ve never thought of my chest that way. Now I feel inferior. Week and frail even. Obviously, I must obtain this product. Do you think the offer is still good? $9.95 seems like such a good deal, and with one safe battery? How could I lose?


    • The no shipping is what sold me! I never thought of my chest that way either. Old and floppy but not weak and frail.

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