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600623_509193692468518_740396431_nI’m sure this would be a great addition to your winter wardrobe!
This will help you to be warm and stylish.
I wonder how many of these were actually sold?
Do you think you could pick the color of stripes??


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  1. benzeknees says:

    I’ve seen these before, but I always thought they were “peter warmers!”

  2. I can use one this week!

  3. Wait….so I can avoid the red nose problem by putting a red striped warmer on my nose? Hhmm. I hope they come in other colors! :-D

  4. Okay, while I could have used one of these today I am not sure I would have actually used it! Not to mention the fact that if you are always missing at least one mitten how are you supposed to keep track of your nose warmer?

  5. Won’t say it…won’t say it….

  6. I hate the cold but I don’t think I would wear one. A scarf covering the face works for me.

  7. Why yes they were really sold. They are still alive and well made in at least one nursing home in MN. My Mother in Law bought us all ones for Christmas several years ago. They were a LITTLE better looking because they were round. No tassel hanging off. lol. I know none of us ever wore them, and I am not sure anyone of us still has them. Kind of wish we did now, so I could share a photo!

  8. Anna Faraday says:

    That is hilarious! Could be straight out of The Onion!

  9. Pretty clever, really. Some woman somewhere figured out a way to use up all those last little bits of yarn and earn money for new yarn. I can see people getting them just for the gag gift or white elephant gift value.

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