Did Someone Say Jury Duty?

3qrnabHere we are in the middle of the week and I have survived. I have learned some things that I never thought I would ever learn in my lifetime. For example: I never knew I would wear eyeshadow with colors like, Mildew, Oil Slick and Polyester Bride. Who knew? I have not had to actually dress in big girl adult clothes so many days in a row. That when you start with hookelt earrings you can slowly work your way up to the big girl hooker earrings.  My feet wont’ fall off if I wear big girl shoes and not my crocs. See this job is teaching me things about myself I never would have given two thoughts about before. This morning I was asking Mr. Bernie if it was too soon to wear my doll’s eyes earrings, they are earrings that are made of dolls eyes that open and close. He suggested that I give it a week or two, take things slowly. He just shook his head when I changed my earrings into a bigger pair. I think he is finding the whole thing quite amusing.

Enough about my outfit and make up choices. In my last blog about work I mentioned the amazing mailing machine of Ms. D’s in the mail room. I wondered if it can make coffee as well. For anyone who was waiting with bated breath, it cannot make coffee. Ms. D told me. So that shoots that idea of running a coffee kiosk out of the mail room. I was even going to get coffee from Rock Creek Coffee Roasters and use their beans. That ship has sailed and I won’t be doing that at this point. I’m sure that is disappointing to all.

I have seen so many folks who have come to the stamp shop over the past years in THEIR place of employment, its fun. There are so many of them that I loved to joke with when I used to work with Mr. Bernie. A couple of them even came down to the mail room to say, Hi! They welcomed me to the County and that makes me feel good. All of my bosses are really great about introducing me to people I don’t know. Those folks have an advantage over me and will say, “Hi, Bernie!” I perk up and say, “Hi” back but many times I may not remember their names. Mr. Bernie said it was because they only have one new kid to learn and I have a bunch to learn. That makes me feel better.

Yesterday and today were exciting for me! I finally got all but one program set up for my job. Well I didn’t set it up, the I.T. guy did. I have my email signature all set up and ready to go. I did it in pink. Why pink? Because most people think Bernie is a guy. Soooooo, I’m thinking that with a pink email signature they will figure out that I’m not a guy.  I have been able to explore a couple of programs and that has been fun. I’m able to update the County website for the Jury part. How cool is that???

Which brings me to exciting news for me today. I will get to pull a Jury!! The gal who is training me, she is really organized, I think I mentioned that. She is going to sit with me but let me go through the motions and I think that will be a better way to learn. You might be asking yourself, “Self, what does it mean to pull a Jury?” I can answer that, well as much as I know so far. A Judge sends an order to our office which tells us s/he has a trial coming up. This tells us, the date of the trial, how many jurors they want me to pull and the date and time for the jurors to show up and be a part of the judicial system. There are a millions things one has to do after they receive the order and tomorrow I will get to start that!! I’m so excited I can spit. The jurors are pulled at random from a pool. So it’s not as if I can say, “Hummmmm, let me see who I want to put on a jury. Who has complained about jury duty?” It doesn’t work that way. As time goes on I’ll explain the process of where these names come from. For now I just need to find these names and send them letters. I have been lucky to be able to ease into this slowly, watching the other Deputy Jury Clerk in the middle of getting ready for a trial. Tomorrow, I will get to work those steps myself!!I’m a little excited in case you can’t tell.

I think that it’s going to be an early night tonight. That is if I can sleep. I’m excited to finally start  learning the basics of  my new job! I think tomorrow it might be my doll eye earrings for luck! I’m toying with smog or last call eye shadow. Decisions, decisions! Wish me luck!




  1. I am so excited for your new job and this new leap of faith. I have no doubt you are going to rock the job and shake things up at that office at the same time–but in a good way. You will bring your humor and compassion and it will be a welcome thing in an environment that I imagine could be a bit stressful for some. So glad to be able to read about your adventures!!!

  2. Mary Everingham says:

    I am so excited for you!

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