Sunday Silliness


The title should be Sunday Silliness! I don't know how I lost the S. I'm not ill. Stupid Wordpress. It's Sunday, which means its one day away from Monday. I have been locked in my craft room, so I really don't have anything fun, interesting or newsy to report. I thought instead of a post of rambling, I would share some fun card ideas I have made over the past few days. Not sure if I will turn them into cards for the shop or not, but they amuse me. Click on the cards if you want to make them bigger.   The card reads: Everyone told Stella to change her outlook on life. It didn't help." The card reads: "Casual Fridays Confused Roy" I had the image of the pajamas and wanted to do something fun with it. I added a booze bottle to his arms, just for fun. He doesn't know if he should dress up or down. It's not over until the fat lady sings. Look at her sing. This is the first time I tried to color something all by myself. I did the pink on her dress. There were people in … [Read more...]


No Hoops Award

No Hoops Award-5

Awards are nice and awards can be a lot of work. One night my friend, Michele from Living on Less, and I were joking about a new award. Wouldn't it be nice to have an award that people didn't have to jump through hoops to accept? An award that people could accept and not have to list 400 things about themselves pass it on to every other blogger they knew and they didn't have to do the hokey pokey and turn themselves around. The "No Hoops Award" was born. This is a very simple award, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to. You can give it to 1 blog, 300 blogs or no blogs.  That is up to you.  Some ideas of what you could do with the award if you wanted to: Give it to your favorite blog that has thousands of followers. You know they won't have this award. I know when I started blogging and I would get awards I want to give them out. Most of the blogs I read already had at least one of them. This award is new today, so you know they won't have it. Is there a new … [Read more...]


I’m Versatile. I Have an Award That Says So


This weekend I was honored an award by Ixy from the blog Illusion I was excited to be told that my blog is Versatile. I thought that was pretty cool!! Thank you, Ms. Ixy!! The rules state that the recipient should share 7 facts about themselves. Since I shared about 15 of them last month, I will skip that for this award. The next step is to award this to 15 fellow bloggers. Some of you don't do awards or post them.  However, I still want to pass the award on to you. Don't feel pressured that you have to pass this along or do a post about it. If you want to, great, if not, thats ok too. I won't be offended either way. Now on to 15 blogs, in no particular order I want to pass this award on to. These are people who don't have the award yet as far as I can tell by stalking their blogs. The Binderclips and HulaBuns Chronicles Quipster Minnesota Prairie Roots Living on Less House Unseen Chicken Noodle Gravy Saving Mom's Sanity Feeling Beachy My Left Over … [Read more...]


Someone Thinks My Blog is Sweet


I got a wonderful surprise this week from Katie of Chicken Noodle Gravy. Doesn't the name alone make you hungry?  She passed on the Incredibly Sweet Blog Award to me. Katie is one of my newer blog friends. She writes about food and her live. I have been learning about grits and biscuits and other southern things. I was sucked in from the name of her blog alone. Stop by and visit if you get a chance.  This award is such a pretty one. I love the image, it makes me smile.  Thank you Katie! You rock. As with most awards I get to share five random facts about me. Because it's all about me. Then pass the award on to five other bloggers. 1)When we go to sleep we listen to Coast to Coast AM on the radio. It's a radio show hosted by George Noory that deals with UFO's, ghosts, conspiracy theories and so on. The people who call in range from knowledgeable to wack jobs. I appreciate how George is always so patient with everyone. My favorite type of episodes are the ghost story ones. 2)I … [Read more...]