A Pinterest Challenge


I had put off playing on Pinterest for as long as I could. I fought the good fight and finally gave in! For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is, you are lucky. Its an addicting site where you "Pin" your favorite things from the web. For example, decorating ideas, recipes and so on. Your friends do the same thing, so its a whole bunch of looking at stuff other people have "Pinned" as well.  Send me your email if you want an invite and so you can be addicted too. It's very time sucking. Cool, but time sucking as heck! I got to thinking about all of the folks pinning stuff. Does anyone actually do any of the projects , buy any of the things they pin or make any of the food? Do we just pin it for things that we would like to do, like to try, like to buy? A show of hands if any of you have done any of the things you pinned. If so, what? With a new month starting, I'm going to suggest a Pinterest Challenge; Make something, do something, buy something from your Pinterest … [Read more...]


What if?


Abby, our cat, woke me up at 4:30 this morning. That gave me some extra time to zoom around cyber space for a bit. I stumbled on a writing prompt that my friend Hilary of Feeling Beachie was participating in this morning.  If you could live in a t.v. show for a whole month, which one and why? I didn't even have to think about that one. It would be "The Biggest Loser"  That would be so amazing to able to have a full month of working out and not focusing on anything else.  To give my husband the gift of a little wife. To give myself the gift of not being winded waddling up a set of steps. To be able to look good for my Museum of Women's History interviews.  I think you get the idea. Mr. Bernie and I watch the show every week. They are telling people to apply for the new season.  Mr. Bernie is supportive and has suggested if I wanted to try out I should. I'm lazy. I don't know if you have figured this out but I am.  I have looked into applying before and it's quite a bit of effort. … [Read more...]


I Have a Girl Crush


It's not often I get to meet new people here in Billings.  I don't work in an office with women, thank goodness. My only co-worker is my husband. We don't go out and about town meeting new people. My social circle is quite tiny. I have lived in Billings for about 7 or 8 years and only have one person I actually have done anything with socially.  When I do get/need to meet someone new I'm quite leery. Yesterday I got to meet the gal my next interview for Museum of Women's History. Usually, I only get to meet them about 15 minutes before we go on the air. I was told that I would love her, she is adorable and interesting and a whole bunch of other good things. I must admit that scared me. I'm always nervous when someone tells me that I'm going to "love" someone.  I think the child in me comes out. It's almost like someone telling me I'm going to love Brussel Sprouts, oh no I'm not! We met at my favorite coffee shop.   I spent a minute sizing her up. Cute little jacket, fashionable … [Read more...]


I’m Classy With a Capital K!


I flew to Tampa a couple of weeks ago to start my wonderful vacation. I got to snuggle in the front row of the plane with a nice medical student. We were crammed together too tightly - another inch closer and it would have been cheating on Mr. Bernie. Of course, the guy wanted to chat the whole time. I just wanted to put on Mr. Bernie's noise canceling headphones and read. It didn't turn out that way. Thankfully, the guy was sweet and was semi-interesting. When I landed three hours later, I had the hotel shuttle pick me up so I could meet my Mom and her cousin Mary to get our party started. The next morning we were all giddy. We went down to breakfast like a bunch of school girls heading out to a boy band concert. I had a hard time focusing as this was going to be my first cruise. The hotel had a lovely breakfast buffet. There was lots of fresh fruit. I really didn't care about the fruit, but it sounds nice to have noticed. I passed that up because there were tons of choices for … [Read more...]


There is a New Blog Hop in Town

  My friend, Michele, from Living on Less used to do a Monday blog hop. That hop has been suspended for a while so she decided to start her own hop? How exciting is that? I'm so proud of her. She is going to have "Make a Friend Monday". Each Monday she is going to feature a blogger and add their button to the first post in her hop. She thought it would be a great way for new bloggers to meet.  We're Not Mommy Blogs is her first featured blog!! Michele asks the blogger five questions and posts their answers. She was laughing when she read the answers Katie and I gave her. Katie is very concise and I'm all over the place. It should give you a chuckle for your Monday morning. The fact that our writing styles can be so different really seems to work for us.  You might find out something you didn't know about us. Exciting! As Katie said, "We are now famous" *lol* So hop on over to Michele's blog and link up your blog to for Make a New Friend Monday. I'm hoping that she gets … [Read more...]


Comments For a Cause

My friend, Beth Ann

My friend, Beth Ann Its Just Life Blogging and comments go together. Like Peanut-butter and Jelly, Spam and eggs and Jell-o at a Minnesota salad bar.  They all work together. A blogger blogs and loves to know when people are reading. A comment can really make a bloggers day. Even a simple, "Hi! Fun post" is welcome. Beth Ann's blog is a fun blog, you never know what she might write about. She gets to travel quite a bit and takes her readers along.  She blogs about the joys and sadness of everyday life, which make you feel as if you are with her. On Tuesday's she shares a teapot from her vast collection. They come in as many shapes and styles as purses. Who knew? Over at my Its' Just Life , comments are something very different. Comments at Beth Ann's blog,  It's Just Life, equal money! Each comment left is worth 50 cents. At the end of the month she adds up all her comments and turns them into dollars for a charity! How cool is that? I'm so proud of her for doing … [Read more...]