Times They Are a Changing


The past ten years have been a wild ride and it looks like it isn't over yet. I moved to Montana from Minnesota about ten years ago. I was scared, lonely, and bewildered. Depression had pretty much ruined my life.  Moving to Montana was only to be a temporary thing.  I was going to clear my head and then move back. I didn't quite work out that way. Mr. Bernie and I became a couple. We worked together. We became involved in the community. We got married. We bought a house. We took trips. We celebrated weddings & births and mourned deaths. We took on new crafts. We made new friends. We held/hold offices on boards. So many things we have found to keep ourselves busy. Some days we look at each other and wonder what happened to the times we were able to just sit around like slugs and not worry about much more important than our next cribbage game. My first six years in Billings were difficult. I had NO friends, none. I had the folks who came to work and who were nice to me. Yet, I … [Read more...]


How Are People Finding Me – Part 3


Welcome to Part 3 of  "How Are People Finding Me"  Every once in a while I dig around in my stats to find out what search terms people are using to find me. The results intrigue me and sometimes scare me a bit as well.  Sometimes I can figure out what post would have popped up on their search, other times I really have no clue how they landed in my little corner of the internet. Let's get started shall we? My first result is the post popular search term for the past week.  "What to do with my empty cigarette packs" Most people just throw them away. However, I'm going to guess that this was the post they found: Purse Porn, a post showing my purse made of cigarette wrappers. That was easy! I hope they are all this easy to figure out. Let's move on to the past 3o days, shall we? This one made me wonder who on earth is actual looking for this and knows the proper term for it. Not 1 but 3 people used this term: "testrone radium energizer"  (spelling was the search term, not mine) I'm … [Read more...]


My Fancy Blog!


Welcome to the new "One Mixed Bag." I want to get a HUGE thank you to Lisa of Chaos Appreciation working her magic and making my blog pretiful! THANK YOU, LISA. All together now gang, Thank you, Lisa. The woman has the patience of a Saint! My back-end was pretty bad, not unlike my own personal back-end. I had outdated plug-ins, things didn't do what they were supposed to do. I kept getting messages that I need to fix things. I had no idea what I needed to fix or how to do it. Lisa did everything I asked for and then some. I'm so thankful. Now my blog is a bit more streamlined and not so heavy on the right side. It doesn't go on for days, I have a footer. She added some categories for me. She changed colors and redid my lady at the top. I hated Feed-burner, it never really worked for my blog anyway. She got me set up with MailChimp to send out notices of new posts. She did all the work. Thankfully, I was so darn lost. Speaking of notices,  many of you got a weird email saying that my … [Read more...]


Happy New Year and I’m Back!

I'm back and ready to blog!

Happy New Year! I'm sure its a shock to see a blog post from me in your news feed or reminders or email. After taking too much time from blogging, I decided it was time to get back on the blog bandwagon. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about my blog. I wish I could tell you that I won the lottery or did amazing stuff during my hiatus. I could tell you that but it would be a lie and no need to lie on my first day back. I think I just got burned out from blogging and didn't feel as if I had much to say. I think that I have acquired enough interesting tid bits to keep you amused for a while. A quick re-cap: Mr. Bernie and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in October. We have not killed each other so that is a plus. The critters are still alive. We fostered a few dogs this year, not as many as the past year. Mr. Bernie has joined a chorus and he is still working with the Master Gardner's. I'm President of The Museum of Women's History and … [Read more...]


Frisking, First Class and Friends


  My friend, Jenny, decided to fly me home for my birthday! I have not been to Duluth Minnesota for over a year. What a fun idea! Go home, have a party with girlfriends, freeze to death! For those of you who live in a box and don't get weather updates, Minnesota is in a huge deep freeze right now. When everything was confirmed to go home I decided to email a couple blogging friends. It felt kind of rude to say, "Hey, I'm going to be coming to Msp. Minnesota. Wanna come hang out for a while?" However, rude be damned, I wanted to meet these gals and this was going to be a good opportunity to do so.  I really wanted to meet Beth Ann from It's Just Life, if you click the link it will take you to her post on the meet up. Beth Ann's blog does "Comments for a Cause" For every comment she receives about her blog posts, she donates 50 cents to a cause of the month. For January and February, the cause is our friend Nina and her family.  I also really wanted to meet Audrey from Minnesota … [Read more...]


How Are People Finding My Blog?


Its time for another round of, "How did they find my blog?" The fun and exciting game where I share search terms people used to find my blog. Sometimes the post they landed on is obvious, other time not so much. I have no idea why everyone got an email with a link to the word time. I didn't send that. For those of you who are new here or new to blogs I'll explain. When people are searching for something in Google or another search site, it recommends pages that might fit their odd little term.  As a blogger, when someone finds your blog via a search term, we get to see that in our stats. Every once in a while its fun to poke around the searches and see how people found my little blog and then share it with my readers. Sometimes I can figure out which blog post that showed up, other times all I can do is laugh and wonder about people's sanity. If you click the links, it will take you to a blog post that matches the search query. Here we go and in no particular order: "Why do … [Read more...]