I Still Have a Blog


I still have a blog.  I know this because WordPress sent me a reminder to renew my domain name. I haven't posted in close to two months.  I sat on the fence about renewing OneMixedbag.com Then like a child who hasn't played with her toys and would be pissed if someone else took it, I renewed my domain for another year. I hated the thought of someone else having my blog name. This means I should probably start blogging again.  In a way it will be like starting over as a blogger. The huge fan base has most likely dwindled. I know if I went to check on a blog and the last update was a sad post about a dying dog, I might stop checking up as well. Our life has been busy and lazy at the same time. When we have time off, we should be catching up on household chores, yet we don't. Two procrastinators do not make a neat and tidy home.  We are not ready for Hoarders yet, but are slowly creeping up to that edge. We both look at each other and say "We need to do this or that" and then are … [Read more...]


The Blog Whisperer

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While I was in SLC, Mr. Bernie updated my blog. I didn't have the latest and greatest version of WordPress. He also updated a whole bunch of other stuff I don't understand. Yea! However, after last week's Wordless Wednesday post I broke my blog. When I tried to type, it wouldn't show up. The Fancy Nancy visual editor didn't show up. Which meant I could add links, change font, align and so on.  Arrrrgggg!! I finally actually had interesting things to share with you guys and I couldn't. I finally had a blog post that was actually going to be fun and interesting and my hands were tied. After abusing my blog by not posting, I really wanted to post! Its kind of like not being able to do laundry because your washing machine is broken. You may have not done laundry for weeks, but because you can't, you really want to! After whining, asking Mr. Bernie to fix me, he finally worked on it last night. I was out running around helping to pick up some puppies from the reservation. When I got … [Read more...]


Yarn For a Cause – Update

Thank You_Alicia

Thank You Have you ever had someone do something for you, which you were so grateful for, that any words you could come up with to thank them just seemed to fall way short of conveying your gratitude? Well, that is where I am right now. You see, I have been the recipient of many wonderful gifts. Gifts that have pretty much saved my sanity and gave me a reason to keep on keening on. Perhaps you read Bernie’s post, Yarn for a Cause, back in February? Well, I’m that blogging friend. Things were rapidly falling apart for me and I was on the precipice of a depression that would have sealed the deal for my family – no home, all of our possessions gone, etc. It seemed as if I were standing at my front door, watching a huge tornado heading directly for our home… and there was no Red Cross, no FEMA, and no smiling State Farm insurance agent waiting to help me out after the destruction had taken place. You can read about just what was (or, IS) going on HERE.) Bernie was kind enough to … [Read more...]


Introducing: “We’re Not Mommy Blogs”

My friend, Katie, from Chicken Noodle Gravy and I got to talking about blogging. We noticed that Mommy bloggers make the blogging world go round.  It can be hard to find a blog that you can relate to if you're not a Mom. Don't get me wrong, there are some Mom blogs out there that blow our socks off.  Some of our best friends are Mom's who blog. Don't call our friends  Mommy bloggers! They are women who just happen to be moms and who happen to blog. We were doing a round robin discussion with our friends who have kids and blog. Katie and I  were whining, complaining, explaining the lack of blog communities for people who don't have kids. It was brought up  Katie and I should do something about this.  We polled our Mom's who blog friends, to see what they thought about a community that was not focused on the Mom's. They all agreed and encouraged us to do it. We asked if they would feel left out as a Mom who blogs if we were to do this. They all said, that they wouldn't feel left out … [Read more...]


Yarn For a Cause


I have a blogging friend who has fallen on hard times. She has kids and a disabled husband.  I won't share her story as it's not mine to tell. Suffice it to say, she is looking for ways to make extra money to help support her family. She taught her self to knit and crochet. Right now she is knitting with dowels that she sharpened with a pencil sharpener.  She unraveled a used sweater that was too small to make balls of yarn. She is very clever and crafty. It would never occur to me to do something like that. I didn't even know  you could unravel a sweater to get the wool. She is using the mesh bags that oranges and onions come in to make scrubbers. She hopes to be able to sell these items to help supplement their income. When many people hit on hard times they don't make lemonade out of lemons. They just give up. My friend is trying to make lemonade. I really admire her for that. Last night I got to thinking about the few balls of yarn and crochet hooks just collecting dust in my … [Read more...]


Comments For a Cause

My friend, Beth Ann

My friend, Beth Ann Its Just Life Blogging and comments go together. Like Peanut-butter and Jelly, Spam and eggs and Jell-o at a Minnesota salad bar.  They all work together. A blogger blogs and loves to know when people are reading. A comment can really make a bloggers day. Even a simple, "Hi! Fun post" is welcome. Beth Ann's blog is a fun blog, you never know what she might write about. She gets to travel quite a bit and takes her readers along.  She blogs about the joys and sadness of everyday life, which make you feel as if you are with her. On Tuesday's she shares a teapot from her vast collection. They come in as many shapes and styles as purses. Who knew? Over at my Its' Just Life , comments are something very different. Comments at Beth Ann's blog,  It's Just Life, equal money! Each comment left is worth 50 cents. At the end of the month she adds up all her comments and turns them into dollars for a charity! How cool is that? I'm so proud of her for doing … [Read more...]