Halloween at Budugalee


Happy Sunday morning! I spent all day yesterday creating cards. I also created my own Halloween Etsy banner!! I'm so proud I could spit. Mr. Bernie only had to help with one thing. I realize its pretty rough looking, but I'm happy for my first attempt. Here are a couple of my favorite cards I made. This is a picture of our dog, Scoobie. She is a catahoula. Mr. Bernie and I loved the picture and wanted to figure out how to add her to Halloween cards. This worked out perfectly. I distressed the edges and added distress ink. Someone could frame her and use her as a long lost relative. This old gal was my other favorite. What on earth is she cooking? I enjoyed playing with Corel Draw and added the flames. This morning I plan on making more cards. Trying some new designs. The dogs have come to an understanding and are just ignoring each other. That is ok by me.   … [Read more...]


Halloween Has Arrived at Budugalee


I had no idea how to play with digital images. None, nada, zilch! This week, Mr. Bernie showed me how to play with images. It's a lot of repetition. A lot of yelling, "Mr. Bernie this won't work. Come fix me!" Whining may have been involved as well. It's all a blur. I wanted to make my own Halloween cards. I'm really enjoying learning how to make my own images. I buy them from Etsy sellers and then play around with them. Making sure I only use the ones that can be used for resale. I added some new ones this morning and wanted to share with you all. Here are a couple I designed from the bottom up. I had the image from my own stock. Then I added some elements I bought from other folks. I love how the painting on the wall looks. That was a Corel draw thing. I used some photo corners, Michele turned me on to those. I made her a bit crooked on purpose. I wanted to give the illusion that she was just thrown into a photo album. This little boy was a lot of work. He had a whole background … [Read more...]


Budugalee is Open on Etsy!


I would like to announce the Grand Opening of Budugalee! I finally got an Etsy shop started. I figure this will give me some extra sheckles in my pocket for our trip to Chicago. So far its only individual cards.  Mr. Bernie suggested selling them as sets. I wanted to try to get some up and see what kind of response I get. I may add sets as time goes on. I'm so excited and nervous. I'm not good at doing the description part. The cards were scanned at work, so I don't remember which size I used for which. I will add that this morning when I get to work. Mr. Bernie made me the lovely banner. He will also make me a button to add to my blog as well. He is the bestest hubby ever! When you click the banner it will take you to my site. Please feel free to offer suggestions if you think there is something I can be doing differently. This is very new to me and I'm all about getting help and advice. … [Read more...]


Cards Catch-up


Welcome to another edition of Project 2011. Every Thursday we all post about our goals for that week.  It was started by Cate at Moments of Whimsy Last week I talked about Zumba, a fitness goal. This week we are back to cards. Next week should be Zumba again. Something for you all to look forward to. My cousin, Haley, had the cutest wedding invites. I didn't want to take it apart to use the RSVP card. My Mom suggested that I make my own RSVP. This is what I came up with: Mr. Bernie suggested that I add some glitter paint to the champagne glasses. I thought that was a nice touch. He is so good. We celebrated a late birthday with a friend. She is a smoker and I thought this was cute a cute image: I added a rhinestone to the end of the cigarette. Some buttons in the corner. She was fun. My Auntie Jack had a birthday. She loves lilacs. I thought this gal would be perfect for Auntie: A little glitter paint on the flowers and she was ready to go. Finally, my cousin Jen … [Read more...]


I Finally Got Back to Crafting


Welcome to another edition of Project 2011. Every Thursday we all post about our goals for that week. It helped me to become more crafty. I also enjoy following the progress of the other gals. I have not done an update is weeks. Finally, I have something to report and share. It was started by Cate at Moments of Whimsy My cousin Mandy will be getting married in July.  Mandy and her hubby to be both love to hunt. I kept this in mind while making her card and shower gift. I'm pretty sure my card will be the only one that is not pink, silver or white. I thought I would jazz up the inside, just for fun. I should have asked Mr. Bernie which gun went to which bullets. I picked out shotgun shells and the prettier of the two guns stickers. When I showed it to him he laughed. He said, "Bernadette, you have a picture of a rifle with shotgun shells. A rifle takes bullets. A shotgun would take those shotgun shells." Huh, who knew? We figure that Mandy will get a chuckle out of that. It was … [Read more...]


Craft Porn-A-Palousa


Its Thursday, so that means it Project 2011. Cate from Moments of Whimsy started a meme to help people reach their goals for 2011. It has a cute little button to go with it, but her flicker images aren't showing up. Every Thursday, we update our progress on our goals. My goal was to be more crafty. Which prompted me to start making cards in January. Which in turn has turned me into a paper whore. I must admit I didn't do anything crafty this week. I suppose if you count brushing a cat and making a ball out of her fur, that could be crafty. In Friday's post I will explain why I didn't make any cards or play in my craft room or go to Hobby Lobby or anything. This week I got two packages of crafting porn! Irene from My Junk, Your Treasure surprised me by sending me some stamps. One I had mentioned I liked a while ago. The other was a a frame and cool borders. Both were total surprises!!Not only that, she made me a card!! How cool is that? I was so pleased and surprised. On … [Read more...]