Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!


  Today is Mr. Bernie's birthday! A day that makes me thankful he was born. I just can't imagine my life without him. He is a wonderful husband. He makes me laugh, cooks, is VERY patient and good to our fur kids. He has a ton of other wonderful qualities. But I'm not going to make him a birthday cake. Mr. Bernie's favorite cake is Angel food cake. After several attempts at making this horrid cake, I vowed last year, never again! I even mentioned Angel food cake to my friend, Teresa, who makes cakes as a side line. She cringed at the mention of Angel Food cake.  I was going to ask her to make me one and drive 25 minutes to pick it up. When I saw her reaction, I decided to try anther route. I was going to buy a store-bought cake and make a glaze. I can make a glaze, how hard is that?  I had Mr. Bernie in tow at the grocery store. I stopped to get an angel food cake and he whined. "That is not big enough, that is only one serving."  It wasn't,  but the man loves his angel food … [Read more...]


3 Cups of Snarkyiness


I have a problem with math and know this. Its not as if I think I'm good at math. I don't hide my lack of math skills. When Mr. Bernie and I go shopping I need him to figure out the discount. "Mr. Bernie, do math for me." He sighs and walks me through the math problem. All I want to know is how much something is at 25% off. I don't want to have math class. Just tell me so I know if I'm buying something or not. I didn't realize how bad Mr. Bernie thought I was at math. He knows I'm not the brightest crayon in the box about numbers. Yet, on Wednesday night I realized just how slow he thought I was. I was getting my wild rice ready for sitting in the oven over night. (It really makes every little piece of rice pop) I didn't need as much rice as I normally do. So I had Mr. Bernie help me figure out how much water I would need for 2/3 cup of rice instead of my usual 1 cup. He gave me a measurement amount, I thanked him and started to wash my rice. When the kettle started to boil with … [Read more...]


Wordless Wednesday


Image from Wandering Magpie What kind of sick freak thought of these flavors? Dweej from House Unseen wrote nice stuff about our business!! Every Wednesday she profiles a web business. This week its The Rubber Stamp Shop!! Go look! … [Read more...]


Who Wants to Win a Free Pizza?


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine. Bernadette had another great idea. She thought that I, aka Mr. B, should grace One Mixed Bag with my supreme, yet humble, writing style. I grumbled until she enticed me with a whole Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza. She said that I could offer a free bamboo cutting board and a Free Pizza to one of my adoring fans if I did. All I had to do was write a review about the New Freshetta Pizza after eating one. Wow! How could I resist such an offer. Freschetta has just introduced a new style of pizza. Let me say a few things about my experience with it.  You can swing by Freschetta if you don't mind a somewhat biased product perspective. I recommend reading on to get a more realistic review.Bernie and I stopped by the local grocer to pick up a few essentials and a couple of Pizzas. We wandered into the frozen pizza section to explore the offerings. I could not help to mentally note … [Read more...]


My Most Unique Cookbook

IMG_0711 (Small)

  My brother Brett and his wife Julie can cook. When you go to a family gather that they are hosting, there is more food than you can shake a stick at. I was always asking for a recipe for this or that. Their desserts are out of this world! When we got married Brett and Julie gave us a unique and treasured gift. They gathered all their favorite recipes and made a cookbook for us. Not only that, each dish comes with a picture. My niece Gabby scrap-booked the index pages. They added extra sleeves for us to add to the cookbook. A lovely note wishing us well on the inside cover. Weights and measurements and other tips throughout the book. . To go with our love of Halloween my brother added an image of a skull on the spine of the cookbook. He told me that it would make it easy for me to find it amongst my cookbooks. Let me tell you this family did a TON of work. We were both touched at the amount of time it must have taken to make this. Recipes from appetizers to desserts. Julie … [Read more...]


Pancakes Make Me Feel Loved

IMG_0647 (Small)

Mr. Bernie has the most killer pancake recipe. It uses buttermilk and I'm not sure what else. He is always talking about the buttermilk part. They are yummy! This week he made us some pancakes. He made mine to look like a face! Note the ears and the chocolate chip eyes, nose and smile.  I must admit that I did the happy dance when I saw them.  How cool is that?? I'm over the age of 5 and I got cool pancakes. They were tasty as well. Isn't it funny how something so simple can make someone feel so loved? Have a great Friday! … [Read more...]