Did Someone Say Jury Duty?


Here we are in the middle of the week and I have survived. I have learned some things that I never thought I would ever learn in my lifetime. For example: I never knew I would wear eyeshadow with colors like, Mildew, Oil Slick and Polyester Bride. Who knew? I have not had to actually dress in big girl adult clothes so many days in a row. That when you start with hookelt earrings you can slowly work your way up to the big girl hooker earrings.  My feet wont' fall off if I wear big girl shoes and not my crocs. See this job is teaching me things about myself I never would have given two thoughts about before. This morning I was asking Mr. Bernie if it was too soon to wear my doll's eyes earrings, they are earrings that are made of dolls eyes that open and close. He suggested that I give it a week or two, take things slowly. He just shook his head when I changed my earrings into a bigger pair. I think he is finding the whole thing quite amusing. Enough about my outfit and make up … [Read more...]


Times They Are a Changing


The past ten years have been a wild ride and it looks like it isn't over yet. I moved to Montana from Minnesota about ten years ago. I was scared, lonely, and bewildered. Depression had pretty much ruined my life.  Moving to Montana was only to be a temporary thing.  I was going to clear my head and then move back. I didn't quite work out that way. Mr. Bernie and I became a couple. We worked together. We became involved in the community. We got married. We bought a house. We took trips. We celebrated weddings & births and mourned deaths. We took on new crafts. We made new friends. We held/hold offices on boards. So many things we have found to keep ourselves busy. Some days we look at each other and wonder what happened to the times we were able to just sit around like slugs and not worry about much more important than our next cribbage game. My first six years in Billings were difficult. I had NO friends, none. I had the folks who came to work and who were nice to me. Yet, I … [Read more...]


My Heart Hurts

One of my favorite pictures of Gwynnie

I have not wanted to write for quite sometime. This morning I had a sudden urge to write as if my life depended on it. You see my cat, Gwynnie, is dying. As I wake up to puppies screaming and wanting attention I think of her life slowly ebbing away.  I take puppies outside to start their day and frolic in the sun. Then I go into our bathroom and open a can of wet food and close the door so the other cats don't come in. Then I give Gwynnie some wet food. I watch her eat as I pat her and tell her that I love her. While I watch her, I softly cry.   I'm feeding wet feed a few times a day now because my fat cat is now rail thin. That hurts my heart. We got Gwynnie about 10 years ago now.  She is about 17 or 18 years old now. When Mr. Bernie and I started to date, his cat Nice Kitty would get lonely with Mr. Bernie paying attention to me. We found an ad on Craig's list for a British Short Hair cat who needed a home. Nice Kitty was a British Short Hair so we thought that would be perfect. … [Read more...]


Interveiw of an Interviewer


As some of you may or may not know, I have a small t.v. show on the local access t.v. here in Billings. Local Access is the same channel as the School Board and City Council Meetings air. It's for The Museum of Women's History. I have the honor of interviewing interesting women about their lives, passions, jobs and anything else they want to tell me. Everyone has a story and I enjoy hearing them and sharing them with my viewing audience. We keep copies of the interview DVD's and the interviewees bio's in our Museum library. If someone ends up researching any of the women I have interviewed, they can watch the DVD and read the bio provided. This week the tables were turned on me and I was in the hot seat interviewed.  My past guest, Souther, a local artist and published author asked if she could interview me. She is part of Toast Master's and to move up a level in the group, she had to perform and interview with someone. I must admit I didn't wan to do it. I like ASKING the … [Read more...]


Big Girl Math

A bad picture of my teacher, Stacee and my math book.

It is no secret that math is not my strong suit. Look here and here if you are not aware of this fact. People tell me that I have other talents and intelligence in other areas.  The most amusing thing about my math challenge is the fact that Mr. Bernie would score in the upper 99th percentile in math. He sometimes talks about things like Hessian Matrices; Kuhn-Tucker Necessary and Sufficient Conditions; and Analysis of Variance - Whatever those are. It does mean that he comes in handy when its time to figure out a tip when we go out to eat or the amount off during a sale. Score!! My friend Stacee is a second grade teacher. One night she called me and asked what my two favorite colors were. I thought it was an odd question but replied, "pink and green." She thanked me and then hung up. I thought that was a weird and random question but knew that I would figure out the reason for the question some day. That weekend we were at Tractor Supply pimping puppies. Stacee got all excited … [Read more...]


Sing Out Loud and Proud

Mr. Bernie singing loud and proud before his Christmas concert.

Mr. Bernie is now a proud member of the "Big Sky Chorus" here in Billings, Montana. He joined last year, right around the time I stopped blogging. One of the chorus members stopped by our shop to see if Mr. Bernie wanted to hire a quartette to sing to someone on Valentine's Day. While he was there Mr. Bernie asked a whole bunch of questions about the chorus. His, soon to be new friend, invited him to come to a rehearsal and see if he liked it. He loved it and was hooked. Mr. Bernie couldn't read music before he started. He would sing to me in the car or sing me to sleep, (I know awwwwww), or make up silly words to songs.  When he changes the words of the songs he will keep changing to worse and even worse words until I turn to glare at him. That makes him happy and he goes on with his day. Now he can read music and follow a his choir director. He gets so excited to go to practices and hang out with the guys.  I really love to listen to him sing. Mr. Bernie sings all the time. … [Read more...]