Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Mr. Bernie shoveling.

Billings, Montana got quite a snowfall over the weekend. This reminded me of a great perk in being married, I didn't have to shovel! Whooo whoooo!! I used to HATE having to shovel off my car and the sidewalk. Hate it, I tell you. When I was single I used to want a boyfriend by winter so he could shovel me out. After a snowfall I would wake up and hope that one of my ex's would decide they wanted to surprise me and shovel my car out. That never happened, but I had hopes. They didn't even have to come in and visit, just brush off my car and shovel the walk and leave. I toyed with the idea of teaching my cats to shovel, but that never panned out. The shovels wouldn't stay attached to their backs, even with duct tape. They were useless. Yesterday, I was feeling such joy and love as I watched the Mr. shovel us out and brush off the car. Sadly, at this point, we only have one shovel. So alas, I was unable to help. I was on my phone to my friend, Jenny, telling her how wonderful it was to … [Read more...]


Sweet Little Egg Patties, Aka: Angel Food Cupcakes


Angel Food cake and I don't get along.  I can care less if its Mr. Bernie's favorite cake. I wouldn't try another recipe for Angel Food anything if my hair was on fire. Stupid, sticky, sweet dumb cake. I'm so mad at Angel Food cake, that I don't think I would even eat a piece just out of principle. Yesterday,I wrote about my first attempt at Angel Food cake and how awful it was.  One would think that in six years I might have improved, but no. I found an amazing Angel Food cupcake with lime frosting on the blog,  "haute apple pie" It looked amazing, as you will see if you click the link. The gal wrote very easy peasy instructions. My stupid thought was cupcakes would be easier than a cake. I did a fine job of whipping life into the eggs. Lovely peaks, I was so proud. My downfall was the folding in the flour part. Don't stir, don't mix, just fold the batter over the flour. How easy is that?  I sifted the sugar and flour mixture several times and finally sifted it into the batter. I … [Read more...]


Angel Food Cake Is A Recipe For Disaster


Happy Birthday to my husband,  Mr. Bernie. Boy does that feel weird saying, "husband."  I almost feel like a little kid who learns a new swear word and has to keep testing it out. Husband, husband, husband. There! Got that out of my system. Since its Mr. Bernie's birthday, I need to bake a cake and cook dinner. When I first moved to Montana I really was not a cook. I could bake a mean cake or pan of bars, but cooking for myself was not my strong suit. My dinners were not something Mr. Bernie approved of, so he would have me out for dinner every night. He was complaining that I was not eating properly and needed to eat real meals.   Let me share my top three dinners with you and see if you think they are wrong. Chicken Ramen, I would get protein from the chicken flavor packet provided. Macaroni and Cheese, this would provide me with my diary allotment. Popcorn, corn is a vegetable as we all know. Duh. I was eating my veggies. One of the first birthday's I spent with him, I … [Read more...]


Coffee Wars


Mr. Bernie and I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning. However, we both have an aversion to actually setting the coffee pot up. We have a coffee pot that you just have to put your cup up to it and it pours in your cup. The great thing about our pot is that its programmable, and can be set at night to start before we wake up. What a handy feature, what a time saver and how convenient. Unfortunately, we are both too lazy to bother with it the night before. A typical night would be one of us looking at the other and saying, "Someone should set the coffee pot before bed." This is followed by Mr. Bernie giving me a blank stare and, finally saying something like, "Yes, you should." Then he smirks and thinks he is going to toddle of to bed. At that point, I start to sing my made up song, "Its time set the coffee pot up." I'm not a good singer, so  you would think that the Mr. would fly to the coffee pot just to shut me up. You would think.  Instead, he just disappears into the bedroom … [Read more...]


Husband Birthday Card Shopping Can Be Hard


Mr. Bernie's birthday is coming up on Saturday. Last year was his 50th. birthday, so that meant a party during Thanksgiving and big presents. This year, we were so blessed with gifts from the wedding, its hard to know what to get him. Yesterday, after work, Mr. Bernie dropped me off at the mall so he could go do some manly stuff at Home Depot. Drool over the snow-blowers and beat his chest at other manly items. Buy cat food and other assorted fun items like that. When he dropped me off, I flew to the Hallmark store, exited about my first Husband birthday card. I had been looking forward to this for a whole week. I practically ran to the cards section to find his card. I tell you have not been this excited about buying a card in years. I stood in front of the cards, gasping after my rush to the store. I scanned the cards and my heart fell. That had about eight cards that said, Husband on them. Eight, I counted them! What kind of cruel joke is this? All my life it seemed as if the … [Read more...]


Learning New Words While Married

Being married is a new experience for me. It has been less than a month, so I have that going for me.  The first new word is my husband. Mr. Bernie and I have been together for so many years, that I slip and refer to him as my boyfriend or fiancée. I think I have only referred to him as my husband a couple of times.  It makes me feel like a little kids, playing grown up. As my friend Jenny pointed out, I can now buy him a card that says, "Happy Birthday Husband." That kind of freaked me out. A whole new way of talking and doing things. Things have been the same for so many years, that its hard to learn a new vocabulary. Another new word is Sister-In-Law. My brother has been married for years. So in my head when I say, "I talked to my Sister-in-Law" it means my brother's wife. Now I have another Sister-in-Law and must learn to use their real names. *lol* I never gave it any thought, until I mentioned to Mr. Bernie, "I talked to my Sister-in-Law today." He had to ask me which one? That … [Read more...]