It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year


It's been forever since I have dusted off ye ole blog. It took me a couple tries to even remember how to log in. It must be fate because I was able to get in and post. Go me! Once again it is the most wonderful time of the year, Jury Questionnaire season. Yipee!! On Monday, 15,000 questionnaires were mailed to the fine citizens of our county and there was great rejoicing of the masses. If you believe that folks rejoiced getting my letter in their mailbox, then I have a bridge I want to sell you  It's rare as hen's teeth for someone to say, "Gosh, I have always wanted to serve on jury duty. This is my year! Thank you. Can I send you chocolate? Flowers?"  Maybe the chocolates and flowers are overkill. But back to the point of my post, questionnaires and the joy the bring to all. This week I'm splitting my time between jury duty duties and keeping the mail room running. Ms. L has the Wednesday--Friday off and I'm her trusty back up. This means between calls from joyful jurors and the … [Read more...]


Summoning Mr. Bernie


My new season of jurors started on September 1st. I didn't realize how much Mr. Bernie pays attention to my job. On the 1st, he left a message on my work phone, "This is Mr. Bernie. I filled out a Questionnaire in May and today is the first day of the jury year. I don't know my juror number but I haven't been called for jury duty yet. Can you please call me back and tell me when that might happen?" I just chuckled and ignored it and pretty much forgot about it. About an hour later, I was given a trial to pull. I got it ready and the computer pulled the jurors for me. It has a random number generator or something. Lo and behold! There was a juror on there I recognized. It was Mr. Bernie! What are the odds that he would call me being silly and then I would pull his name from a pool of thousand? I shared with others in the office that I pulled Mr. Bernie and they all had a good laugh. They asked if I was going to go home and tell him. For once in my life I wasn't Mrs. Instant … [Read more...]


I Went to Court and Lived to Tell the Tale


I had to go observe court today and lived to tell the tale.  After being told what not to wear, I decided to make up my own "going to court outfit." It was classy with a capital K. Let's just say I was pretty proud of myself. I was thinking I was so clever and giddy, I sent the text below to Torture Queen, aka: TQ this morning before work: Last night I told my Mom what I planned on wearing to work to impress TQ. I don't think she believed me. Keep in mind I get to work at 7 am long before the public is even in the building. I was digging out my rattiest pair of denim carpi pants, I had a funny t-shirt my Mom sent me about sarcasm and glitter but couldn't do it as it would have messed up my hair taking it off. I found an old pair of crocs and a funny 'Maxine" t-shirt. It's great when you realize that the t-shirt you want to wear won't work and your husband encourages you by digging around for something just as tacky for you to wear. I love that man. Last night he suggested big hooker … [Read more...]


I’m Going to Court!


Hello to anyone who still might be following this blog. I see that I haven't updated in about, oh, a year. If you are reading this, thank you. To refresh your memories, I'm the Deputy Jury Duty Clerk for our District Court. That means that I send the love letters/jury summons to our local citizens. I do this all from my office and don't have to deal with many people face to face. When jury questionnaires are sent out, then some people show up to talk or yell at me. For the most part, I do most communication over the phone. I'm responsible for one tiny part of our court system. I know it very well and love doing it. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no complaints about me. The Judges and their Assistants seem to think I'm doing ok. Keep in mind that it may just be a tiny part of the system but it's My tiny part. There are many, many other functions of our office and, for now, I will focus on the Courtroom Clerks job. These are the gals that always look put together and … [Read more...]


Tuesday Talk On a Monday


I was in my bosses office last week to ask for clarification about some Jury Duty stuff. She gave me some sound advice and then told me that she was going to give a talk to a local Kiwanis group. She then asked, "Hey, Bernie, do you want to go with me and talk about Jury Duty?" Being the shrinking violet and shy person that I am not, I agreed.  I have to tell you that I felt honored to be asked. I think that I may have squealed at some point in the discussion, but cannot confirm nor deny that actually happening. The talk was going to be the following Tuesday. This is where it gets interesting. She either told me Tuesday or for some reason I wanted to hear Tuesday. Either way, in my  head, it was going to be on Tuesday. Fast forward to today, Monday, not Tuesday. My Boss sent me a note at 6:30am asking, "Are you ready for our talk this morning?" I think I started  hyperventilating. Mr. Bernie and I were on our way to work and  I was dressed for office work. I was business casual, not … [Read more...]


It’s Time to Pull a Jury


It's time for another look into the steps of how a jury is picked. I'm sure you all have been waiting with bated breath.  I bet you have just hoping that I would make another post about how the jury magic happens.  If you missed the first few steps, you can read it here. Now that we have  the Judge's Order in "The Special Book", its time to move on to the next step. I couldn't believe how many steps it takes to pull a jury. When I first saw the check list I may have  started hyperventilating a bit. My whole theory of tossing darts at names was totally shot. I'm thankful that the previous Jury Clerk made the checklist and the amazing manual that helps me along with steps. It's very, very handy and helpful. It's time to pull the Judge's Calendar to see what cases may happen on the date of the trial. I look up the Judge's name and the date of the said trial. Then I print off a copy to have for my files. Some days it may show  things like hearings and other important Judge stuff.  … [Read more...]