Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!!


Today is Mr. Bernie's birthday! Everyday I'm thankful to have him in my life. I know that sounds sappy and cheesy, but there you go.  He has the patience of a Saint!  Which is a good thing when you have to live with me. He is good about making sure we are stocked up on chocolate at certain times of the month.  He is a wonderful cook. We would seriously starve if we depended on my cooking! He is ok with having foster Momma's and puppies at the house.  When we get a new Momma he gives her a "spa day" and brushes her out. He is so good with our own animals. They all love him.  Not many men would be comfortable carrying their 45 pound puppy to the car because he can't walk.  He is currently upgrading my computer so it goes faster and I can store more images! He did that out of the blue and without being asked.  That is the kind of guy he is. Since today is his birthday, that means last night I should have been in tears. My infamous angel food cake disasters are known far and wide. Last … [Read more...]


Welcome To My Blog


Welcome to my blog! I'm so happy to have all you folks from SITS stopping by! Feel free to poke around while you are here.  Relax and have a laugh or two. It's always nice to have new visitors to the blog. My "About Bernie" page will fill you in on the highlights of life in Montana. Well at least in our part of Montana. I would have baked you an angel food cake, however, you don't want any of my angel food cakes. I would love to show you  my weird and wild purses. You should run across a post or 50 about my husband ,Mr. Bernie, the super hero. Here is a post with him in his super hero costume.  While you are here, be sure to meet my Cabana Boy, Gunther. Most of my readers think that he is something else.  I do Wordless Wednesdays a bit differently around here.  I post vintage ads with my own snarky observations thrown in. With Valentine's Day coming up, Mr. Bernie and I are clueless where to go this year. Last year we had a romantic dinner at Subway, complete with table linens and … [Read more...]


Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernie!


  Today is Mr. Bernie's birthday! A day that makes me thankful he was born. I just can't imagine my life without him. He is a wonderful husband. He makes me laugh, cooks, is VERY patient and good to our fur kids. He has a ton of other wonderful qualities. But I'm not going to make him a birthday cake. Mr. Bernie's favorite cake is Angel food cake. After several attempts at making this horrid cake, I vowed last year, never again! I even mentioned Angel food cake to my friend, Teresa, who makes cakes as a side line. She cringed at the mention of Angel Food cake.  I was going to ask her to make me one and drive 25 minutes to pick it up. When I saw her reaction, I decided to try anther route. I was going to buy a store-bought cake and make a glaze. I can make a glaze, how hard is that?  I had Mr. Bernie in tow at the grocery store. I stopped to get an angel food cake and he whined. "That is not big enough, that is only one serving."  It wasn't,  but the man loves his angel food … [Read more...]


Sweet Little Egg Patties, Aka: Angel Food Cupcakes


Angel Food cake and I don't get along.  I can care less if its Mr. Bernie's favorite cake. I wouldn't try another recipe for Angel Food anything if my hair was on fire. Stupid, sticky, sweet dumb cake. I'm so mad at Angel Food cake, that I don't think I would even eat a piece just out of principle. Yesterday,I wrote about my first attempt at Angel Food cake and how awful it was.  One would think that in six years I might have improved, but no. I found an amazing Angel Food cupcake with lime frosting on the blog,  "haute apple pie" It looked amazing, as you will see if you click the link. The gal wrote very easy peasy instructions. My stupid thought was cupcakes would be easier than a cake. I did a fine job of whipping life into the eggs. Lovely peaks, I was so proud. My downfall was the folding in the flour part. Don't stir, don't mix, just fold the batter over the flour. How easy is that?  I sifted the sugar and flour mixture several times and finally sifted it into the batter. I … [Read more...]


Angel Food Cake Is A Recipe For Disaster


Happy Birthday to my husband,  Mr. Bernie. Boy does that feel weird saying, "husband."  I almost feel like a little kid who learns a new swear word and has to keep testing it out. Husband, husband, husband. There! Got that out of my system. Since its Mr. Bernie's birthday, I need to bake a cake and cook dinner. When I first moved to Montana I really was not a cook. I could bake a mean cake or pan of bars, but cooking for myself was not my strong suit. My dinners were not something Mr. Bernie approved of, so he would have me out for dinner every night. He was complaining that I was not eating properly and needed to eat real meals.   Let me share my top three dinners with you and see if you think they are wrong. Chicken Ramen, I would get protein from the chicken flavor packet provided. Macaroni and Cheese, this would provide me with my diary allotment. Popcorn, corn is a vegetable as we all know. Duh. I was eating my veggies. One of the first birthday's I spent with him, I … [Read more...]