I Got to Meet ArtsyNina!


  I never thought that I would make friends via blogging. However, though my blog I have ended up meeting some of the best gals around. We follow each others blogs. We keep in contact via email and Facebook. They are scattered all over. Since I live in Montana I never thought I would have the chance to actually meet a fellow blogger. That was too much to hope for. That all changed yesterday! I got to have lunch with Nina from The Adventures of ArtsyNina!! She lives in Minnesota and was going to be in the Duluth area during my vacation. How cool was that?? Before I left for vacation we exchanged phone numbers so we could set up a lunch date. On Sunday, I dialed her number, all giddy. I got her voicemail and left a message. I was nervous all day until she called back. Would she still want to meet with me? Did her plans change? It was nerve-wracking! It turns out she forgot her phone at home and had to call me on her hubby's phone. Whew! She sounded as perky and sweet as … [Read more...]