Sing Out Loud and Proud

Mr. Bernie singing loud and proud before his Christmas concert.

Mr. Bernie is now a proud member of the "Big Sky Chorus" here in Billings, Montana. He joined last year, right around the time I stopped blogging. One of the chorus members stopped by our shop to see if Mr. Bernie wanted to hire a quartette to sing to someone on Valentine's Day. While he was there Mr. Bernie asked a whole bunch of questions about the chorus. His, soon to be new friend, invited him to come to a rehearsal and see if he liked it. He loved it and was hooked. Mr. Bernie couldn't read music before he started. He would sing to me in the car or sing me to sleep, (I know awwwwww), or make up silly words to songs.  When he changes the words of the songs he will keep changing to worse and even worse words until I turn to glare at him. That makes him happy and he goes on with his day. Now he can read music and follow a his choir director. He gets so excited to go to practices and hang out with the guys.  I really love to listen to him sing. Mr. Bernie sings all the time. … [Read more...]