My New Albatross – Seymour


Several of my buddies I have met via The Biggest Loser casting process are going to be doing a challenge for the month of August. Since I'm a follower, I'm going to join in as well. Lord help me! Anna started it with this post about 100 Miles. Move It to Lose It. Oh, doesn't that sound like fun? No it does not. However, since the other kids are doing in, I thought I would join in as well. Because I'm a glutton for punishment and so enjoy stressing about goals. Good times. Mr. Bernie LOVED the idea of me trying to walk 100 miles in a month. He was guessing I walk 1/4 of a mile if that every day. I walk. I walk to meet my friend, Sheri, for a cigarette. (Yes, I know I need to quit. Preaching to the choir here. But hey, I'm walking aren't I?) I walk a block and a half to my favorite coffee shop, Rock Creek Roasters. Then I have to get a yummy something to drink. I have to walk all that way back to work, carrying a tray with my drink and Mr. Bernie's drink. So see, I'm lifting while I'm … [Read more...]


Biggest Loser Casting Day

From Left to Right: Antonio, Timothy, Vanessa, Wendy, Veronica and Me. Sione Fa is standing in the middle. He smelled so good.

After weeks of fretting about the casting call, the day finally arrived! I woke up extra early to sit and think for a while.  "What was I doing? What might I be getting myself into? What if the other kids don't like me? Will I kill anyone with my bat-wing arms if I don't wear a shrug with my dress? You know all the important questions. I showered, put on my make up and woke Jenny up to get her approval. (She is great at doing eye make up. Her eyes are the size of dinner plates so she has a nice pallet to put on eye shadow. My eyes, not so much) I put on my dress and jiggled the fat under my arms It was going to be too hot to wear a black shrug outside for a few hours. I grabbed my cooler of water and my chicken purse and was ready to go! We all decided to meet at 7 a.m. Wendy and Veronica picked me up at my hotel. It was so nice to finally meet people I  had been talking to for weeks. There were no awkward pauses the ride to the tv station. We were all taking about our lack of … [Read more...]


Getting There is Half the Fun!


I was all ready to fly out on Thursday. Jenny was going to meet me at the hotel. I had left notes all over the house for Mr. Bernie. My sleep machine and clothes had been shipped to the hotel. All I needed to do was get on the plane and go. I wanted to arrive at the airport a couple of hours early. Sometimes that screening can take FOREVER. I didn't want to miss my flight. While I was digging in my bag I the first, of several notes, Mr. Bernie left in my bag. All together, "Awwwwww" When I got on the plane I had my Kindle and headphones ready. I didn't want to talk to anyone. Just wanted to be in my own little world and not think. That didn't happen. I was sitting next to a nice gentleman who was in his late 50's-early 60's. We exchanged the usual chit-chat and I thought we were done. Nope, he was happy to chat. I suppose its my fault for even talking to him in the first place. I'm good at collecting the life stories of people I will never see again. He was quite knowledgeable … [Read more...]


I Went on an Adventure!


Back in April, I made a post about The Biggest Loser.  I thought it would be fun to try out and so on and so forth. At the time, I really didn't know if I would go to a casting call or not. I was pretty sure I would send in a video. Actually, traveling to stand in line with a gazilion other hopefuls was not something I entertained.  Hanging around in the heat and sweating with a bunch of other fat people didn't sound appealing at all. I started following the Biggest Loser Casting Facebook page. Reading questions about the casting process. Reading some pretty amazing answers to questions.  Slowly,I started to make friends on there. I started to check the page more often.  I really enjoyed most of the folks on the board. Some I started to look forward to their replies to questions.  It seemed like a nice community of like-minded people. No judgements being passed and strong sense of community.  The more I read the boards, the more I wanted to meet these people. Which meant I really … [Read more...]