My Fancy Blog!


Welcome to the new "One Mixed Bag." I want to get a HUGE thank you to Lisa of Chaos Appreciation working her magic and making my blog pretiful! THANK YOU, LISA. All together now gang, Thank you, Lisa. The woman has the patience of a Saint! My back-end was pretty bad, not unlike my own personal back-end. I had outdated plug-ins, things didn't do what they were supposed to do. I kept getting messages that I need to fix things. I had no idea what I needed to fix or how to do it. Lisa did everything I asked for and then some. I'm so thankful. Now my blog is a bit more streamlined and not so heavy on the right side. It doesn't go on for days, I have a footer. She added some categories for me. She changed colors and redid my lady at the top. I hated Feed-burner, it never really worked for my blog anyway. She got me set up with MailChimp to send out notices of new posts. She did all the work. Thankfully, I was so darn lost. Speaking of notices,  many of you got a weird email saying that my … [Read more...]


My Blog Got a Mini Facelift


I have had the same blog theme for about a year now. I wanted to spruce up the place a bit. Those who can't ask those who can to help.  I had a bunch of things that were out of date. I was afraid I would break my blog if I updated them. My blog was starting to look like a flea market with all the buttons and things on the right side. I wanted to be like the cool kids, so I asked WackiJacqi to please fix me. Jacqui was able to a bunch of stuff for me. Things I had no idea how to do. She turned my background pink.  However, I love that old broad, she is so classy. I thought I would start with blue to keep things simple. Notice at the bottom, I now have a copyright. just like the other kids. There are a few more buttons on my upper right side.  If you have G+, feel free to add me. It's that shiny button with the big g on the top row of buttons.  I love fonts and these fonts are fun and playful for me. There are still a few more tweeks to be done.   A new comment system, adding … [Read more...]