The Tale of Two Bloggers

Sweaty 1

Once upon a time, in Planet Blogosphere, lived a brilliant blogger named Sweaty. She was behind the inspiring and thought-provoking blog, Do Sweat the Small Stuff.  Critics and blog reviews had nothing but praises for this blog. Sweaty herself was an enigma, for no one has ever seen her.  But the cloud of mystery surrounding her identity only fueled speculations and myths around her existence.  Some said she looks like this others said like this but no one was truly sure. Among Sweaty's legion of admirers was a blogger named Bernie.  It was Bernie's dream to have Sweaty write a guest-post for her own blog, One Mixed Bag.  Unlike others who quit without a fight, Bernie refused to give up in her quest.  She was determined to get a hold of Sweaty. One fine day, Bernie got a call.  What sounded like a computer voice told her it was a call back from Do Sweat the Small Stuff Corporation and to please hold the line.  Bernie couldn't believe her luck!  She finally … [Read more...]


Pimping Some of My Favorite Blogs

I'm having a hard time getting into the swing of being on the computer after Christmas.  Since I don't have anything fun to entertain with, I'll pimp some of my favorite blogs. If you are having a lazy Sunday and looking for helpful hints, cooking advice or just a good laugh check these folks out.  These are in no particular order. When you stop by to visit them, be sure to leave a comment.  Let them know that you found them from here. As bloggers when we get new traffic, we wonder where it came from. My friend Michele has a blog full of tips on saving money. Each day is something new. On Friday's she posts "Freebie Fridays" I don't know where Michele finds them, but that are not your regular Freebies.   I have learned a lot just reading her posts. Living On Less I discovered The Binderclips and Hulabuns Chronicles when I first started blogging.  Hulabuns and her hubby Binderclips are a lot like Mr. Bernie and me. Only younger and prettier. The Soapbox has fun posts on whatever is on … [Read more...]


I Have A New Obsession

I have a new obsession, as if i needed another one. However, this one is free, so that makes Mr. Bernie happy. Its all about him, don't you know? WordPress has a cool feature called, "Site Stats".  This handy little feature tells a blogger several different things. How many people have clicked on your blog, how they found you, if anyone clicked on a link you posted. The narcissist in me loves this! The most hits I had in one day was 96, the least was 31. Yesterday, a link I posted was clicked 5 times! That is so cool. Bloggers who have a huge following won't think that is so special, but for me I was dancing around my computer. Another obsession is finding new blogs. When I put in tags and get listed on WordPress, I go see who else has posted blogs with the same tags. I found a few cool blogs that way. A couple of these gals don't have many comments yet, so I make sure I go and leave a comment. I know it would make my day to know someone stumbled on me and liked my stuff. Now … [Read more...]