Can Men and Women Be Friends?


A few friends have been posting about men and women being friends on Facebook. Is it possible for people of the opposite sex to just be friends? What happens when one of you is married or in a relationship? Is it possible? The notion that, once a person is 'in a relationship' all other affiliations need to be truncated, really annoyed me. I don't understand why people are even questioning such things. But I don't understand a lot of things, so this is not new for me. I just know that many of my good friends have been "boy" friends. You have heard me talk about my girlfriends. Why not talk about my friends who are guys?  Mr. Bernie sees nothing wrong in having friends of the opposite sex. He has several female friends. My friend Michele is the one he calls when he wants to talk politics. She will listen and loves to debate him. Me not so much. It's a bond they have that I appreciate and don't see threatening at all.  It makes me smile when he goes on a rant and I tell him to call his … [Read more...]