Angel Food Cake Is A Recipe For Disaster


Happy Birthday to my husband,  Mr. Bernie. Boy does that feel weird saying, "husband."  I almost feel like a little kid who learns a new swear word and has to keep testing it out. Husband, husband, husband. There! Got that out of my system. Since its Mr. Bernie's birthday, I need to bake a cake and cook dinner. When I first moved to Montana I really was not a cook. I could bake a mean cake or pan of bars, but cooking for myself was not my strong suit. My dinners were not something Mr. Bernie approved of, so he would have me out for dinner every night. He was complaining that I was not eating properly and needed to eat real meals.   Let me share my top three dinners with you and see if you think they are wrong. Chicken Ramen, I would get protein from the chicken flavor packet provided. Macaroni and Cheese, this would provide me with my diary allotment. Popcorn, corn is a vegetable as we all know. Duh. I was eating my veggies. One of the first birthday's I spent with him, I … [Read more...]