My Mom’s Beach Birthday Cards

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Welcome to another edition to Project 2011. It's actually week 14! Man time flies. If you click the cool button above, it will take you to a list of other blogs who are working on goals for this year as well. I have really been enjoying this meme. My Mom's birthday is Friday. She has so enjoyed the cards I have been making and sending her. She's a Momma, so she doesn't see that things aren't straight. I think she even has them on her refrigerator. When she gets them she makes sure to show them to my Auntie Jack is lives near her. See why I love her? Mom and Dad winter in Florida. She loves going to the beach. She loves the heat. She loves laying in the sun. I could go on. I thought I wanted to make her a card that has a "Florida Beachy" type of feel. Hobby Lobby helped me out with some 3D stickers. They are so cool, they stand up from the card. Giving the card an extra feel. My favorite sticker was the beach chair in the sand. Her grand-furs wanted to send a card as well. … [Read more...]


Cows and Cards and Voting

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Its Thursday and time for a Project 2011 update. Project 2011 is a meme hosted by Cate at Moments of Whimsy. She started it for us to chronicle our goals for 2011. Each week we update our progress in a blog post.  My goal was to be more crafty during the year. My dad used to be a meat cutter and The Graphics Fairy had a cool image I could use on a card for him. A cow showing the different cuts of meat. I think he will find it amusing. I told Jenny that I wanted to add a bit of red food coloring for blood on the front. She thought that was tacky. Hence, the card remained blood free. I also wanted to make some Artist Trading Cards, which I did. Mr. Bernie was a helper bee and cut the cards out for me. All I had to do was doll them up. I posted these for The Graphics Fairy Brag Monday. I had wanted to get them in the mail for swapping but they haven't made it to the mail box yet.     My friend Michele from Living on Less loved the idea of these and made … [Read more...]


Not My Best Work

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My new stamp set arrived on Saturday and I couldn't want to try them. It was fun to have new stamps to color. Yes, I'm a big dork, I really enjoy coloring. I tried several  each of the stamps and have decided that the one below is my favorite: The actual stamp image is cute. I used my Memento markers for the center image and water-color pencils for the border. This is another fun image. Playing around with the colors of the water was fun.  Just ignore that the corners on these cards are crooked. I have discovered that I don't have a lot of blues to work with. I have ooddles and ooddles of papers, mostly in pinks and beige. This does NOT mean I need to rush out and get more papers. When I mentioned the lack of blue paper to the Mr. he sighed and asked, "Does that mean we have to go back to Hobby Lobby?" No, not at all. I will just have to be creative with what I have. A couple of my blog friends also had posts about cards this week.  I sent Sheri from My Leftover Life some cards … [Read more...]


Stamps and Markers -Oh My!


My goal for this week was to make cards using stamps and my new artist markers. My stamps are from JustRite, I wanted to see how I liked them before we sold them on our website for work. The same with the markers, I wanted to see if I could make them work before pimping them on our website. I LOVED using the Memento markers! Must easier than using a stamp pad. They have dual tips, a brush tip for larger areas. A smaller tip for fine coloring. For some of the card, I used a large black stamp pad and just inked up the border. Next I put the center stamp in and used my markers to color the center. Must easier than I expected. After all these years of working with stamps and curling up my nose at scrappers who used these types of stamps, I have finally joined the band wagon. Note:If you click a card it will make it bigger for you. If you click it again it will make it full size. I put them as smaller images to help load the page up faster. … [Read more...]


Made with Someone in Mind

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When I started making cards, I never had an idea in mind. I found some cute images, some papers, and slapped it all together. I never know how its going to turn out, until its done. Easy Peasy. I had never gone on the search to find just the right embellishment, before now. Mr. Bernie's niece turned Sweet Sixteen this week. She is not  your typical pink puffy hearts type of sixteen year old. That is part of her charm. She plays guitar and has a bit of an edge to her. Black is one of her favorite colors. I knew I would never find a store bought card that would be able to convey that. So it meant I needed to do it myself. Last week I dragged the Mr. to Hobby Lobby to find stickers and stuff for the card. I had several themes I could go with, Music, Anime, big wild cats. I was stomping around the store, as I was not able to find what I wanted. Everything was too cutise wootsie. Frustrated, I almost gave up. Finally, I found a cool set of puffy stickers that had a guitar, music … [Read more...]


The Paper Whore Scores!

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This week I got the score of the century on papers. Ok, well maybe not the century, but the biggest score in my short time of card-making. K and Company make some of my favorite papers. When I was at JoAnn Fabrics this week there was a large pad of K and Company paper on the counter. It had 100 papers and over 700 embellishments in one pad. I thumbed through it, thinking it would be quite expensive. The cashier told me that they were on sale for $10.00's!! Normally sold for $29.95! I wouldn't even let her put it in the bag when I bought it. I was afraid she was going to tell me the price was wrong. I wanted to have it in my arms in case I needed to sprint out of the store with it. I tried playing around with some new stamps for cards this week. They are not worth showing yet, as there is a HUGE learning curve for me. I also have some great markers to use for rubber stamps. I can just color the stamp before I place it on the paper. I still need to figure some things out. I'll get … [Read more...]