Looking for My Crafting Mojo


I misplaced my crafting mojo. I know it's around because it peeks out now and then.  For a while I have been designing a surprise for a friend.  Once I actually get it completed and its received, I will be sharing it. It's a lot of design work that will need to be sent off to be printed and so on. It's not something I can do with my printer at the house. Its been great fun!  I can't wait until its done and complete!! Its been a lot of "Mr. Bernie can you fix this for me? Mr. Bernie I don't like how that looks can you change it for me?" He so loves that part. Now its a matter of taking the cards I have designed and printing them out. Having Mr. Bernie cut them out, I can't cut a straight line. Finding background paper and embellishing them.  I was going to start printing last night, but after not printing for so long my ink dried up.  I have a new ink cartridge and ink re-fills coming in this week.  (I love the ink refills! We must have refilled my color ink cartridge at least 15 … [Read more...]


Sunday Silliness


The title should be Sunday Silliness! I don't know how I lost the S. I'm not ill. Stupid Wordpress. It's Sunday, which means its one day away from Monday. I have been locked in my craft room, so I really don't have anything fun, interesting or newsy to report. I thought instead of a post of rambling, I would share some fun card ideas I have made over the past few days. Not sure if I will turn them into cards for the shop or not, but they amuse me. Click on the cards if you want to make them bigger.   The card reads: Everyone told Stella to change her outlook on life. It didn't help." The card reads: "Casual Fridays Confused Roy" I had the image of the pajamas and wanted to do something fun with it. I added a booze bottle to his arms, just for fun. He doesn't know if he should dress up or down. It's not over until the fat lady sings. Look at her sing. This is the first time I tried to color something all by myself. I did the pink on her dress. There were people in … [Read more...]


Budugalee is Open on Etsy!


I would like to announce the Grand Opening of Budugalee! I finally got an Etsy shop started. I figure this will give me some extra sheckles in my pocket for our trip to Chicago. So far its only individual cards.  Mr. Bernie suggested selling them as sets. I wanted to try to get some up and see what kind of response I get. I may add sets as time goes on. I'm so excited and nervous. I'm not good at doing the description part. The cards were scanned at work, so I don't remember which size I used for which. I will add that this morning when I get to work. Mr. Bernie made me the lovely banner. He will also make me a button to add to my blog as well. He is the bestest hubby ever! When you click the banner it will take you to my site. Please feel free to offer suggestions if you think there is something I can be doing differently. This is very new to me and I'm all about getting help and advice. … [Read more...]


I Finally Got Back to Crafting


Welcome to another edition of Project 2011. Every Thursday we all post about our goals for that week. It helped me to become more crafty. I also enjoy following the progress of the other gals. I have not done an update is weeks. Finally, I have something to report and share. It was started by Cate at Moments of Whimsy My cousin Mandy will be getting married in July.  Mandy and her hubby to be both love to hunt. I kept this in mind while making her card and shower gift. I'm pretty sure my card will be the only one that is not pink, silver or white. I thought I would jazz up the inside, just for fun. I should have asked Mr. Bernie which gun went to which bullets. I picked out shotgun shells and the prettier of the two guns stickers. When I showed it to him he laughed. He said, "Bernadette, you have a picture of a rifle with shotgun shells. A rifle takes bullets. A shotgun would take those shotgun shells." Huh, who knew? We figure that Mandy will get a chuckle out of that. It was … [Read more...]