The Great White Hunter

IMG_0795 (Small)

We have three cats and a dog. Out of the group we have one boy. Our white cat, Captain Luke Fuzzy Nutz the 1st. This boy is fearless! He play fights with the dog. He climbs up high on our curtain rod to bat at a bugs. Climbs our tree in the back yard. It's as if he has no caution switch. This became very evident this weekend, when he decided to stalk a deer! Mr. Bernie was out on our front deck with our dog Scoobie. The cats were running and playing near the ditch. Suddenly, a year old deer came up over the ditch back. All the girls in the group ignored it.  Not our boy! He slowly started to creep up on the deer. The deer turned to look at him and he flattened himself on the road. Mr. Bernie was laughing as the only way that cat could camouflage himself is in a snow bank. It was like the OK corral. The cat was laying in the road staring at the deer and the deer staring at the cat. Suddenly, the deer started to approach Captain Luke! What are the odds? The Captain flew under Mr. … [Read more...]


Would It Be Bad To Put My Cat on Drugs?

Innocent Looking White Cat

We were meowed out of a sounds sleep this morning at 4am. Not just cute little meow's. Captain Luck Fuzzy Nutz the 1st was screaming like his tail was on fire! This seems to be a fun new game for him. His new habit is to hop up on our dresser and scream. He seems to enjoy it even more if there is stuff he can throw on the floor. This started a few weeks ago. It scared us pretty good the first time it happened. 3am and we were both sleeping. Suddenly, we heard a loud MEOW and then a crash. He knocked over some of my jewelry. Then proceeded to walk back and forth across the dresser, screaming all the way. The first time it happened, it was amusing. Now, not so much. Mr. Bernie ended up putting tshirts over my jewelry box, in hopes it would deter him. That didn't work. He just hops on the dresser and knocks around perfume bottles, change or whatever else he can find. We seem to acquire vocal cats, so this is not new. Gwynnie meows, loudly, when its time to eat. Abby when she … [Read more...]


Who Needs T.V. When We Have A Cat Like Abby?

This morning, my brain is not working. So like a shameless pageant mom, I'm going to show off pictures of our cat Abby. This cat loves to get into EVERYTHING.  She is a Maine Coon. They are known for shoving themselves into tiny spaces. Without further ado I give you some of Abby's greatest hits: That is my shameless pimping of our cat. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something witty and interesting to say.   I'm doing Java's blog hop from Never Growing Old   … [Read more...]