Bedtime is an Olympic Sport

For most people,  going to bed is a simple process. Its a matter of crawling into bed and covering up and going to sleep.  At our house, its not quite that easy. You might we wondering, why? Do we live near train tracks or people are blaring their car stereos all night?  No, it's not that. We have pets. Its as simple as that. For those of you who are pet owners, I think you can relate to this. A typical bedtime starts with shutting off the lights and telling the dogs its bedtime. By the time we get to bed Luke and Abby, the cats, are curled up on my side of the bed. Then Gwynnie, our old toothless cat, hops on the foot of the bed and starts screaming about them being in her spot. We aren't talking cute little mews, we are talking screams that sound like she is being strangled. Who needs music to sleep too? Next its time to move the cats. I suggest that Mr. Bernie  move his cats so Gwynnie and I can crawl into bed. He just chuckles and tells Gwynnie, "Shut up you toothless … [Read more...]


What’s in a Name?

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    Mr. Bernie and I used to live in a duplex in the historic district in town. When he rented it, the place was perfect for a man and his cat. Then I moved in and we got another cat or two. Suddenly, his castle seemed more like a shoebox.  One of the best things about it was the cats could walk around or just lay on the porch in the sun. That meant we kept the door open on nice days so the cats could come and go as they pleased. One day it started to get overcast and our cats all came in. To our surprise, another cat joined them. He just walked in the door like he owned the place. A very friendly orange and white cat. We didn't know where he came from but he acted as if our home was his. The rain started and we didn't have the heart to throw him outside. It was decided he would spend the night in our house and we would boot him out in the morning.  He ate and left the other cats alone. A pleasant evening was had by all. When it was time for bed, the cat … [Read more...]


Our Feline Friends

Gwendolyn at Feeding Time

Mrs. B had a great idea a few days ago. That's what I say when she threatens to throw a fit if I act any way but sincerely interested in a project that she has in mind for me to accomplish. She thought that it would be a great idea if Mr. Bernie contributed. She claimed that everyone loved something I wrote before and that my fans were waiting with abated breath for another installment. I truly believe that she was just stroking my ego. I guess her efforts paid off. Mrs. Bernie has had some other fine ideas. She has a special knack for finding pets with quirky habits. We have three cats, each of which was selected by none other than the missus. Let me introduce these little characters. Gwendolyn is the old lady exotic looking British short hair with a gravelly voice and a gentle attitude. Abigail is our black Maine Coon puppy-cat with almost insatiable craving to be near me. Finally, Mrs. Bernie decided that we had to have this adorable male white Turkish Angora mix of a … [Read more...]


Sneaky Cat Tricks

Mr. Bernie and I have very different methods of getting ready to go to sleep. I got to thinking about this last night after he made a big production of, "getting his corners."  I tend to toss all the covers off me and only use them in case of emergency snow falling in the bedroom.  The Mr. bundles up as if he is in Antarctica, even in the summer. When he gets into bed, he looks for the corners of the sheet and blankets. Then he layers them and tugs them towards his side of the bed. Announcing, "I've got my corners. Do you?"  Then he sits up and gathers up my corners and tosses them over me. At which point I quickly toss them off .  Once I toss them off, he starts to whine. "If you don't have your corners, you will try to steal mine when you get cold."  Its a risk I'm willing to take. The Mr. has taken drastic measures to make sure I keep my corners. He has trained our 13lb. cat  Abby, to lay on me when its bedtime. She has claws that can slice through metal. One does not want to have … [Read more...]


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Mr. Bernie shoveling.

Billings, Montana got quite a snowfall over the weekend. This reminded me of a great perk in being married, I didn't have to shovel! Whooo whoooo!! I used to HATE having to shovel off my car and the sidewalk. Hate it, I tell you. When I was single I used to want a boyfriend by winter so he could shovel me out. After a snowfall I would wake up and hope that one of my ex's would decide they wanted to surprise me and shovel my car out. That never happened, but I had hopes. They didn't even have to come in and visit, just brush off my car and shovel the walk and leave. I toyed with the idea of teaching my cats to shovel, but that never panned out. The shovels wouldn't stay attached to their backs, even with duct tape. They were useless. Yesterday, I was feeling such joy and love as I watched the Mr. shovel us out and brush off the car. Sadly, at this point, we only have one shovel. So alas, I was unable to help. I was on my phone to my friend, Jenny, telling her how wonderful it was to … [Read more...]