How to Entertain an Engineer


Mr. Bernie is an Engineer with a Master's degree. He enjoys brain puzzles, math, and physics - None of which I give a fig about. That is what make our marriage so great. It's really quite hard to get something over on the man. Math games, bring them up. Sudoku, piece of cake. It seems that I have my own branch of Mensa in my house. My folks like to find puzzles and give them to him. The latest one they sent him is a doozy. It only had nine pieces. Mr. Bernie looked at it and snorted. He thought he could finish that in no time flat. Nine pieces; four orientations each, nine places to put them. That looked easy enough. My mom called to tell us that her nephew in-law, the architect, got it put together in no time flat. J. is also a very bright man. Mr. Bernie figured that he should get it done in about the same amount of time. Turns out they were teasing, J. didn't finish it. My Dad was so tickled to stump Mr. Bernie that he had to call and tease him. My Dad wouldn't call someone, … [Read more...]