My Dirty Little Secret and Mr. Bernie


A few weeks ago I realized I had a problem. A little addiction that I'm NOT going to work on.  I just want to be clear on that. I'm not a quitter.  No, Siree! I've been really good at hiding my addiction. Picking up an image here; Michele sending me full cds  of images there; buying a few sheets of images on sale. It started out slowly and then snowballed. To me, my card making computer is like a closet. All full of wonderful things, many I may or may not use. Like a good woman, I have kept my closet closed. "Nothing to see here." was my thought. Mr. Bernie didn't need to know about this fetish.  I think he had his suspicions but never cared enough to look into it. Thank God! I was surprised when a little message popped on my screen telling me that I was running out of memory and couldn't download anything. I was hoping to download this cool free vintage background that I found on Flicker. My heart stopped. How could my computer be full? How does that happen? Who fills up a … [Read more...]