Don’t C.A.G.E. Me In

Mr. Bernie and I have very different ways of cooking. He can just take dirt, water, raisins, spices and whip up something yummy. He doesn't need to think about it. He is like having my own cooking show in my kitchen. On the other hand, I'm like watching a newbie in high school Home Economics class.  I tend to follow the recipe to a T. If it calls for a teaspoon of salt, by God I will use a teaspoon. I'm not good at "eyeballing" and guessing.  I don't deviate from a recipe, at all. To Mr. Bernie, a recipe is a jumping off point. He can always figure out a way to add to a recipe. When I cook, I don't want him behind me adding this and that.  When he tries, I whine, "That wasn't in the recipe. You can't do that." He just rolls his eyes at me. Yesterday morning before work I decided to try a new recipe. I let Mr. Bernie sleep in so he wouldn't try to "help me." Knowing I didn't have a lot of time to be on my own, I rushed. I was a whirling dervish in our kitchen. Racing from the stove … [Read more...]


Sweet Little Egg Patties, Aka: Angel Food Cupcakes


Angel Food cake and I don't get along.  I can care less if its Mr. Bernie's favorite cake. I wouldn't try another recipe for Angel Food anything if my hair was on fire. Stupid, sticky, sweet dumb cake. I'm so mad at Angel Food cake, that I don't think I would even eat a piece just out of principle. Yesterday,I wrote about my first attempt at Angel Food cake and how awful it was.  One would think that in six years I might have improved, but no. I found an amazing Angel Food cupcake with lime frosting on the blog,  "haute apple pie" It looked amazing, as you will see if you click the link. The gal wrote very easy peasy instructions. My stupid thought was cupcakes would be easier than a cake. I did a fine job of whipping life into the eggs. Lovely peaks, I was so proud. My downfall was the folding in the flour part. Don't stir, don't mix, just fold the batter over the flour. How easy is that?  I sifted the sugar and flour mixture several times and finally sifted it into the batter. I … [Read more...]