A Real Date Night!


Many of you know that when Mr. Bernie and I have a date night, we go to Costco. Yes, we are the last of the big spenders. However, last night we had a real honest to goodness date night! In a real restaurant and everything. It had tables with table clothes, actual plates and silverware. Boy we were living high on the hog! Last night we went running around to do some shopping. Nothing exciting, tone cartridge for work, pet food and I had to pick up some things at Hobby Lobby for this weekend's craft fair. Mr. Bernie let me go into Hobby Lobby alone while he did the other errands.  What a treat for me! I was able to poke around and not have him walking behind me sighing and asking, "Are you done yet?" I always forget something when he goes with me. I get flustered and annoyed and don't pick up everything I need.  Being able to go to Hobby Lobby alone was treat enough. Yet, it gets better. When Mr. Bernie picked me up, we started talking about dinner. Neither of us felt like going … [Read more...]


Date Night at Costco

Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, Mr. Bernie and I can be a bit obnoxious. We also get bored fairly easily. When we have to wait in lines, we start to have fun.  We also look on it as a chance to entertain others around us.  Chances are the folks around us are not nearly as entertained as well are. Oh, well. It's all about us. We were at Costco, for our "date night" - That is, the $1.50 polish and soda deal. Yes, we are the last of the big spenders. Thank you for noticing. (Costco is like Sam's Club for those not familiar with the store chain) The line at the food bar was very long and, of course, we quickly became bored. So, out of the blue, I looked up at Mr. Bernie and said, "Do you take all your first dates to Costco for dinner?" Keep in mind I was NOT quiet when I said this and a few women turned and stared at Mr. Bernie in horror. His reply way, "Oh, no! Only the special ones." He said this with great pride and sufficient volume to be heard by all in … [Read more...]