Time to Dig Out Purses


  Its summer time. A time when people think of the beach and summer fun. Those things are nice. It's also the time when my purses get taken out of totes and get ready to show off. All year many of them sit in totes waiting to see the light of day. Knowing that when summer comes it will be their turn to get out. Their first showing will be at The Museum of Women's History in Downtown Billings. I'm going to be helping with their windows as a volunteer.  Last year the purses were quite a hit. It was fun sitting outside on break and watching everyone point and ask each other, "Is that really a purse?"  I was told it was one of the most popular window displays they had. For July we are going to do Women in Rodeo in one window and purses in the other. Kind of break it up a bit. The second display will be at the Montana Fair in August. I just have to send my registration form in. This year I'm going to display them differently. In the past I would just shove a bunch in the case. I … [Read more...]