Helping to Give Do Sweat a Name

It's always fun to find new blogging buddies. One of my newest friends is the blog Do Sweat the Small Stuff When she started blogging, she picked a name for her blog, like we all do. However, she never got past that. She needs a name to go with the blog. She is choosing to remain anonymous, how romantic and scary sounding. Which means she doesn't want to use her real name. I love to help out blogs and decided I would play along.  (Friday Four Fill-in will be back next week) As she started running around and reading blogs, she started to comment. Apparently, Do Sweat the Small Stuff is quite a bit to leave as a name on comments. I so agree.  Ms. Anonymous is looking for a name. What better way to get people involved than have a contest?! Who doesn't love a good contest?  She has a great prize package. All people have to do is think of a name she can go by in the bloggy world. However, it must have something to do with her blog name.  She is picky and think it should also give … [Read more...]