A Girl, A Boy and A Dog

Picture stolen from Michele Trautlein

  Our trip to Minnesota was a different one this time. Usually, we have everything we need with us. We don't forget things. We don't stay in a motel. We leave at the butt crack of dawn. We don't bring our dog.  On many levels this trip was not like our others.   We decided to not leave at 6am. We had made hotel reservations at the half way point for the trip.  This allowed us to take our time in leaving for the morning. One would think since we were not leaving early we would have everything we needed. More time to pack means we won't forget anything. Right? Wrong! We hadn't even driven a mile down the road and Mr. Bernie remembered the radar detector. We had to turn around and pick that up. Then about 25 miles into the trip I realized I left my wedding clothes hanging in our guest room! We did not go back for those. About 50 miles into the trip I asked Mr. Bernie where he put Scoobies extra nail caps. He looked at me baffled and told me that he thought I had … [Read more...]


Pretty Pink Puppy Toes

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Mr. Bernie and I don't normally bring our dog as a guest to people's homes. People who don't have dogs, don't have them for a reason. However, on this visit to Minnesota we are bringing Miss Scoobie with us. Mr. Bernie is going to be driving back alone and she would be good company for him. She will help make sure that he needs to stop and stretch his legs and so on. My parents redid their floors last fall. They restored them all back to hardwood. They look amazing. Our dog is 81 pounds and she would end up scratching the floors just walking across them. When they had the floors done, it was suggested that they not have dogs in over 60 pounds as they would ruin the floor. The last thing we want to do is show up with a dog and leave my folks floors a mess. We looked around for a solution and found Soft Paws. They are little gel nail caps that get glued to her nails. That way she can walk across the floor and not scratch it up. Mr. Bernie let me pick the nail color. I know this will … [Read more...]